Eastlake Credo: At Eastlake, through intentional actions, we create an environment where students and staff feel safe, appreciated and loved.This is Eastlake.This is home. This is family.
Dear Wolves,

We are excited for this upcoming school year and looking forward to seeing all students in person. We have missed them! Regardless of whether this is the first time your student will be "joining the pack" or we are just simply welcoming them back, I am confident we will deliver an exceptional learning experience for all students. We do this by showing up every day positive and enthusiastic, building relationships with each student and helping them develop their own self efficacy. Our teachers will take the time to get to know each student as both people and learners, and then use this information throughout the year to meet their individual needs.

Here we go…


-Chris Bede, Principal
School Starts September 1st
Covid Safety Protocols
Our district continues to refine our COVID-19 Safety Plan based on the latest information and requirements from the CDC, L&I, the Washington State Department of Health, the King County Department of Health. You can always find our COVID resources by going to the LWSD homepage and then selecting Pathway Forward. Here is important information, safety measures we are implementing as we start our new school year, and a few changes from last year. For more information please read our COVID-19 Safety Plan.

  • Students must wear cloth masks that cover the mouth and nose while inside the school. 
  • We continue to ask that students remain home when sick, especially when they have any COVID symptoms.
  • We will continue to send students home if they develop COVID symptoms while at school.
  • We will continue to ask students to wipe their desks at the end of class.
  • Hand sanitizer will be in each classroom and in high traffic areas of our hallways.
  • Our custodians will continue to wipe high-touch areas every day.
  • We will be placing tables outside, so our students can spread out more during lunchtime.
  • During passing periods students sometimes stop and gather with friends in the hallway. We will continue to ask students to proceed to their next class.
  • Performing arts teachers have more specific guidance they will explain to their students.
  • We will continue to practice social distancing to the extent we can, knowing that with 2400 students there are times when this is just not possible. 

Changes from last year:
  • The vast majority of our students are fully vaccinated. Our vaccinated rate is higher than the King County average, which is higher than our state’s overall vaccination rate. 
  • Our state is requiring all staff to be vaccinated.
  • We are not asking students for daily attestation at this time. 
  • Students and staff are not required to wear a mask while outside. 
  • Fully vaccinated students and staff will not need to quarantine if they have been exposed or are close contacts as long as they have no symptoms. However, it might take a day to verify they are fully vaccinated. 
  • Fully vaccinated students and staff will need to quarantine if they develop COVID symptoms.
  • Fully vaccinated students and staff will need to quarantine if they test positive for COVID-19, even if they do not have any symptoms.
  • At this time we will not have all-school assemblies inside. We will have smaller assemblies inside and all-school assemblies outside where there is more space.
  • At this time we are not inviting large groups of parents inside for events. For example, Curriculum Night will be virtual this year. Smaller groups are OK for some activities and events.   

Our plans and procedures are intended to keep everyone safe as we operate a large high school during a pandemic. Our protocols continue to evolve as we learn more about this coronavirus. Thank you for your understanding and your support.
Daily Schedule & First Day of School Information

First Day of School Information

On Wednesday, September 1st we will have a staggered start. Freshmen and Sophomores will both begin at 7:30.

  • Freshmen students will start in their 1st period class for a Link Crew activity and to ensure they know where to go and how to access their schedules.

  • Sophomores will report to the stadium and will start with an assembly out at the stadium field. Students will remain masked and socially distanced.

  • Teachers who do not have 9th graders are encouraged to attend the Sophomore Assembly as we officially welcome the class of 2024 to Eastlake. 

  • Juniors and Seniors will arrive by 8:05 am when the whole school begins first period.
Back to Business Days - 9AM-2PM

It was so great to see the 9th and 10th graders at their Back to Business days this past week. If you missed your assigned Back to Business day please come next week on August 30th or 31st.

August 30th - Juniors
August 31st - Seniors

Visit the Back to Business tab on the Eastlake website for more information.

Please pay for items BEFORE you come to Back To Business Days OR bring check to pay in person. https://payments.lwsd.org/

Back To Business Day Make Up

If you were not able to come in during your designated day please come in next week. On Monday Aug 30 we are asking juniors to come in, and then seniors on Tuesday. But it’s OK for freshmen and sophomores to join them if they could not be here during their designated days.

Students who cannot come in for Back To Business Days at all can take care of everything when school starts:

Laptop: The library will be open every day from 7:00 – 3:00. If you visit the library during class time please ask your teacher first.

PE t-shirt: Print receipt from home (or see our school’s bookkeeper) and bring to PE teacher. Note: T-shirts will not be required for the first week.

School pictures: Make up day is September 8th. Retake day is October 20th.

School ID cards can be printed at school but not for the first couple weeks.

The bookkeeper’s window will be open before school and during lunch, for students who need to pay for anything (cash or check only). Most purchases can also be made online.
News from the Den
Address Changes

If you submitted an address change during the “Student Information Verification” process, you will need to submit 2 proof of residency documents to our Registrar, Cathy Johnson ASAP.

A list of accepted documents can be found HERE in the “Steps to register new students (grades K-12)” under the “Establishing Residency” dropdown. Please email
these 2 documents to cathjohnson@lwsd.org

Eastlake Swag!

Get your EHS Swag Gear! Eastlake Wolfpack Association is proud to sponsor the online store with BSN Sports. Use this link to purchase gear by 9/15/21.

Items will be mailed to your home address, approximately end of September. Proceeds benefit EWA and EHS Associated Student Body.
Eastlake Athletics
Game Schedules and Standings

For game schedules and standings for Eastlake Fall sports visit Eastlakewolves.org.

Admission to Varsity Football & JV and Varsity Soccer & Volleyball Games

Admission is charged to enter Varsity football and JV and Varsity Girls Soccer and Volleyball games.

2021 Regular season-Ticket Prices - Cash only

  • Adults - $7.00
  • Home & visiting Students without ASB card $7
  • Eastlake High School Students with ASB card @ home events FREE
  • Grades K through Middle School $5 - must be accompanied by an adult
  • Pre-school with Adult - N/C
  • Senior Citizen (65 year & older)

Game Staff Needed

We are looking for adults that would like to join our team to staff sporting events at Eastlake. We are in need of ticket sellers and takers for soccer and volleyball this Fall. These are paid positions if you are a current LWSD employee and for those that aren't we can assist you with the application process.

Please contact Amy Hill if you are interested.
Counseling Center
2021-2022 Counseling Assignments

There has been a change to our counselor alpha breakdown posted last week, as we are hiring for a new counselor. Students and families with the last names CHAN-D will be updated once their new counselor is assigned. Please see the updated breakdown below. Click here to view the Counseling webpage.

(A - CHAM) - Stephanie Bailey
(CHAN-DZ) - Cameron Miller until new counselor is named
(E- HUI) - Paula Olson
(HUL-LU) - Yvette Cook
(LY-PO) - Brett Muskavage
(PR-RUI) Melanie Conroy
(RUN-TE) Cameron Miller
(TH - Z) - Shawna Beresford

Class Schedules

Counseling sent an email out to students and parents late Friday with information regarding schedules and schedule change requests. Students will be able to view their schedule in Skyward and request a course change if they meet one of the following criteria: missing a period, missing a graduation requirement, wrong level placement, or are a Running Start or Wanic student with a schedule conflict. Students will submit their schedule change request via a Microsoft Form. The schedule change window will run Friday, August 27th after 3pm – Friday, September 3rd @ 2pm.

While counselors will be working on schedule requests as soon as possible, please know this takes time and there may still be some movement as we start school on Wednesday. Students are expected to view Skyward and attend the classes they are currently scheduled for. If you have a “see counselor” in your schedule for semester 1 ONLY, please come up to the counseling during that period.

New Student Registration Support Sessions

Counselors will be holding New Student Registration Support sessions next week in the main gym. This will be an opportunity to meet the counseling team and ask questions about courses and course selection.

  • Juniors - Monday, August 30 at 10am
  • Seniors -Tuesday, August 31 at 10am

AP Refunds

Many refunds have been issued, but if you were scheduled to test in admin 3 or 4 last spring, and did NOT end up testing, your refund/s are still being processed. Thank you for your patience in the matter!
College and Career Center News
College & Career Center

LWSD Virtual Financial Aid Night September 8, 2021 at 6 pm

College and Career Calendar
Find the latest on events, contests, scholarships and more on the College and Career Center calendar.
Eastlake PTSA
Join and follow the Eastlake PTSA!

Eastlake partners closely with our PTSA by aligning our goals to support and enrich our students’ experience at Eastlake. Please sign up to become a member of our PTSA and add your support to our effort! By becoming an EHS PTSA member, you are adding your voice to all WA State PTA members in advocating for our students. You can join online here. Mark your calendars for the first Membership Meeting on September 22nd, 6pm (event will be virtual). Everyone is invited (but only members can vote).

PTSA also shares information over multiple channels to help keep you informed of all that is going on. Sign up for the Wolf Tracks newsletter here, and like/follow the PTSA Facebook Page and Instagram account. In addition, you can find support from other Eastlake parents in the Eastlake Parents Facebook group, managed and moderated by our PTSA.

If you are interested in joining the Eastlake PTSA as a board member or chair, open roles are posted here and they will love to hear from you!
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