Angel Thanksgiving Deer Leg
Angel is on a poultry-free diet, so she got a Thanksgiving deer leg instead
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World of Wolves
December 2019

Thanksgiving for the wolves

The traditional Thanksgiving meal for our resident wolves includes mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, yams, green beans and a Brussels sprout. 
Ukiah has enjoyed Thanksgiving turkeys at Wolf Haven for 9 years
Shali opens wide to fit this
16-pound bird inside her jaws
Wolfdog Caedus wastes no time
Wolfdog Caedus wastes no time

Dick at McCleery Ranch in
 Montana enjoys his turkey
Companion Animals We Love


It goes without saying that the staff at Wolf Haven have strong feelings for wolves, and it can probably be extrapolated that we share powerful feelings for all creatures. But what about those we share our homes with? In case you were wondering........

Who do we love(originaly appeared in the Fall issue of Wolf Tracks magazine.)
There's still time for Wolf Haven's Holiday Special!

WOLF CALENDAR  8"x 10" PHOTO (normally 4"x 6")

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