The  AAUW NJ Board Members, voted on and approved the recipient of the 2018 award at its December 6th. 2017 Board Meeting.  The Award will be presented at the AAUW NJ Annual Meeting on  March 24, 2018. 

Save the date!

Let's congratulate  Laurel Brennan!

Laurel Brennan was elected to the position of Secretary-Treasurer of the New Jersey State AFL-CIO in January 1997 and was re-elected to her sixth term in 2016. She is the first woman to serve in this office in New Jersey and is one of only seven to do so across the nation. 

In her position as Secretary-Treasurer, Laurel is responsible for the organizational budget and other financial obligations of the New Jersey State AFL-CIO. In partnership with New Jersey State AFL-CIO President Charles Wowkanech, she develops and implements statewide policies that impact one million union members and their families. 

Recognizing the need for a statewide program for union women, Laurel developed and organized the New Jersey State AFL-CIO's annual Women in Leadership Development Conference (WILD), with 2016 marking the conference's 13th Anniversary. The conference promotes leadership and diversity throughout the labor movement, while focusing on how unions help women and how women help unions.

Through this award, AAUW of New Jersey seeks both to reach out to the community and to increase awareness of the goals of AAUW.

The woman who receives this award exemplifies the following characteristics: She should be a NJ resident who has:
  • Worked to assist women in their endeavors to reach their true potential
  • Demonstrated leadership in supporting the empowerment of women
  • Continued to strive to reform political, economic, social and cultural areas to support women
Adrienne Lesser 
Women as Agents of Change (Special Projects)
Carol Cohen, President
AAUW of New Jersey

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