Our physicians, therapists and staff would like to thank you for choosing Ohio Sports & Spine. Here are our latest patient testimonials, news, tips and spotlights.
Patient Testimonials
Lisa Allen is Back to Zumba, Everyday Life with No Sciatica Pain
Shortly after moving from West Virginia to Warren, Lisa began experiencing debilitating pain in her sciatic nerve, radiating through her back and hamstring. The discomfort prevented her from sleeping comfortably, exercising and doing everyday activities. It wasn’t long before she discovered Ohio Sports & Spine Institute and she’s glad she did. 
Athlete Credits Therapy Team for Successful Recoveries
Casey Cottrell understands the value of teamwork as she grew up playing sports. After experiencing several injuries on the court and field, she discovered her extended team at Ohio Sports & Spine 11 years ago when she was 13. That’s why she didn’t hesitate to turn to them for therapy when she experienced a shoulder injury last May.  
Latest News
New Physical Therapist Joins Ohio Sports & Spine
We're glad to welcome Dan Shobel, who joined our team in January. He treats patients at all three of our offices. Dan chose a career in physical therapy because he finds it rewarding to help others and see patients get back to pain-free functioning. 

Get to know more about Dan and our therapy team by visiting the link below.
Ohio Sports & Spine Institute Reflects on 2019, Year of Growth
We'd like to extend a big "Thank You!" to our patients, staff and physicians for another year of tremendous growth. Check out our doctors' reflections on 2019 and visions for 2020 in the Business Journal Growth Report story below.
From Our Blog
3 Types of Exercises, Ways to Get Started
By Jennifer Kalinsky, PTA

It's a new year and you want to set goals to become more active but you're unsure of what exercises to do and you don't know how often you should be doing them.
Here are some guidelines from the American College of Sports Medicine that outline why and how you should start incorporating various exercises into your routine.
Key Takeaways on Functional Movement Assessments
By Edward Palestro, DPT

What is a function movement assessment and why should I get one?

We don’t always pay attention to how we’re moving in our day-to-day actions and, often times, we compromise proper movement in order to get things done. What we don’t realize is the effect that dysfunctional movement has on our bodies in the long-run. Whether we slept the wrong way, have a sore back or ignored an injury that never healed properly, the imbalance in our movements can lead to injuries or ongoing pain. Functional movement assessments help to establish goals for becoming more conscious of the way we move on a daily basis.
Therapy Spotlight
Kyle Banna, DPT
We’re shining our Therapy Spotlight on Physical Therapist Kyle Banna. His favorite part of his job is the challenge of diagnosing and developing plans of care that enable his patients to get back to playing sports or everyday functioning.

And he’s glad to be a part of Ohio Sports & Spine’s multidisciplinary team, applying a progressive and evidence-based approach to treating individuals.

“We have a team-based approach here,” says Kyle. “It’s great to know I can communicate with the doctors and chiropractors on staff about our current patients and determine the best course of action.”

He enjoys his daily interaction with patients and his ability to get to know them while doing their initial evaluations and treating them until they are discharged.

“Patient education and communication are crucial to help improve the patient’s outcome,” says Kyle. “So, I make sure to continuously interact with my patients throughout the rehab process, ask questions, check in on them and provide information.

Outside of work, Kyle enjoys traveling, going to country music concerts and hunting. 
Practice Area Spotlight
Chiropractic Care for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Carpal tunnel is a nerve injury that occurs when the median nerve, which runs down a person’s forearm to his or her hand, gets compressed in the carpal tunnel bones in the wrist. It's usually caused over time by repetitive motion. Symptoms include pain and numbness of the hand and wrist.
Chiropractic care is a non-invasive and effective option for treating CTS. Research shows that CTS can stem from misalignment in the upper neck and spine, rather than the hand and wrist. Chiropractors help to relieve the pain in the wrist, but also address the primary source of the pain, including any misalignment.
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