"A lot of us we talk about the fact that we are not really here. We are not here because we have never really been welcomed. And when you are not welcome you cannot arrive. And when you don't arrive, you cannot deliver the gift that you have brought. We address it in terms of acceptance. To be accepted iz different from being tolerated. You only tolerate someone because you don't know what else to do not to kill the person. But to accept someone means to take them in as they are, without any need to change them. And when you take someone, you give them a home. Home for themselves and home for their gifts."

-Sobonfu Some


 Welcome to Lovers & Friends New Moon AND Solar New Year Diva !  


Sisters United in Immaculate Conception

We made it !
Let's breathe together now a deep and satisfying sigh of relief for having come through the white water that was 2013 intact (more or less). Many of us have labored to stay afloat in this past Sun Cycle's wild rapids of naked opportunity and challenges. And we have the bruises to show for it!

We've met and named our pain, our dreams, danced with them, healed, detoxed, let go and healed again. Diva and Elder Mother, Reverent June Gatlin re*minds us that the numerology of this day:
1 + 1 + 2014  =  9  representing completion.  

Big Sigh......Aaaaaahhhhhhh

Grandfather Sun has been laboring as well, flipping His poles and giving us a magnetic field of renewed intensity to play in. While we here in the Temple celebrate and recommit to our intentions and Desires every New Moon, today's conjunction of New Moon and New Year's Day brings an exponentially wider assortment of possibility focused energies to the party.  That this coming together occurs in the 'house' of Lovers & Friends Moon, iz a beautiful demonstration of the nurturing harmony guiding and supporting us through these celestial movements.

Lovers & Friends Moon, the Circle Magik Moon, guides us through the dual energies of two Divine Mothers - Ntr't Ast and Ntr't Neb't Het. We know Great Mother Ast (often mis-called 'Isis') as the ruler of all hekaur(magik) and as the greatest healer and alkhamist ever known. However, it's Her sister and cohort, Great Mother Neb't Het who's influence iz more dominant for this New Year's Day New Moon.

Ntr't Neb't Het's name means "Lady", or more precisely, "Ruling Wombn of the House".  She iz the absolute embodiment of purity, grace and poise. Uttering Her name iz a sanctification in and of itself. She iz the patron Saint of perpetual fresh starts and prosperous new beginnings!  And unlike Her more secretive Sister, Ntr't Neb't Het readily advertises the formula by which She achieves this...

Total and unresistant receptivity.

We write her name by drawing a bowl, ever-open to the heavens, atop a house. The bowl signifies the Divine Feminine principle of receptivity. The house represents individual consciousness, our 'house of mind'.  With this New Moon, She iz calling us to maintain a consciousness which iz open to and allowing of Divine Direction. To surrender thoroughly to the highest possible expression of Light and Life we can embody, moment to moment, day to day, throughout the year.

Together, these Great Mothers are calling on us to complete the work of letting go and...

 "Wipe the slate clean to receive your good in 2014"

Are you ready to BE your own immaculate conception Diva  ?

I pray you are Sister.

After the fireworks and confetti are all gone, we will need those of you who know the long view, to find one another in the Circle and reveal the New for all.

What would change for you if you opened yourself to receive and reveal your highest possible expression?
Who in your current Circle iz capable of supporting your expansion?

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I Want My Radiant New Year!

Are are you poised for your 2014 to reveal life and world reshaping radiance...Or are you procrastinating with unfinished 2013 busy-ness?
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Womb Whispers  iz offered for the continuing adoration & inspiration of the Great Womb Essence calling to be seen in/as YOU!

(do let us know what you like most about these whispers...we wanna be sure we're strokin you just right ;-)




- Let's Be Beautiful Together -