"Beauty iz apocalypse. To loose all identity and feel the parts sucked through you like a cosmic-blowing liquid-honey-orgasm. Perplexion iz the goop that bardic wonderment iz made of. I want to be so enchanted by Art that I loose my mind. All linear constructs dissolve. It iz the penultimate orgasm and yet it has no end. It iz eternal unveiling. Apokolipsis ad infinitum."

- Joycelyn Woods 
Welcome to the First Quarter Light of Sacred Beauty Moon  

Ntr_t Het-Heru
Of course, today iz also Divine Feminine Priestess Power Day! - aka Friday the 13th. In the old ways and across many cultures, this day represents the arousal of the great wealth of healing and revealing power living in and ever-poised to be awakened in every wombn.

That Great Mother, Ntr't Het-Heru chooses to begin the revelation phase of Her Sacred Beauty Moon in concordance with this day iz especially promising. The Spirit Magik singing through this Moon compels each of us to consciously cultivate the courage and audacity to deliberately shine from our purest, Orgasmic femininity. The energies of this day will amplify this shining in ways that are nearly impossible to deny.

First Quarter Moon iz a time to refine and weed out the intentions you are most devoted to. Use the energy of this Divine Feminine Priestess Power Day to perform a ritual cleansing of your most treasured space, indoors or out. Note how you are reflected in the things you adorn and keep, and in what you choose to take away.

What will you tend to and what will you release to let your Sacred Beauty shine?     

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Womb Whispers  iz offered for the continuing adoration & inspiration of the Great Womb Essence calling to be seen in/as YOU!

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- Let's Be Beautiful Together -