I danced naked
for Grandmother Moon last nite

Drinking Her in
and through my skin
I lifted both breasts to kiss
Her Light

And sang prayers of
gratitude in union with Her silver voice

Then and now
I can feel our Circle spreading

Mothers, our Beauty iz being fed
Daughters, our Wisdom anchored and sure
Lovers, our wombs have grown full and shameless
Divas, our thighs ever wet with giving

Healers, our sisters are all around us...

It iz good to be
a Wombn


- Nut Tmu-Ankh Butterfly Dreaming 


 Still Basking in Full Frontal Sacred Beauty SuperMoon Diva !


Sacred Beauty Super Moon 


Did you catch Divine Mother Het-Heru's ginormous sky show last night?  Really, that's a trick question, because whether or not you danced naked under and gulped eye-fulls of Her Glory, you've been catching Her super-charged YOUniversal embrace for at least a week. And you can expect to feast on Her amped up triple fives, hold-me-close embrace for at least another week!

The full Light of Sacred Beauty Moon always calls us to recognize, reclaim and boldly flaunt our deepest most tenderly felt Truth. She focuses Her high beams on those innermost parts we fear are too vulnerable to let be fully exposed to the world without layers of ego cloaking. By calling these delicate Beauties out into the open, this Moon reveals the great power and strength living in our softest, most sensitive Desires, when we dare to let them out from behind our walls of fear and limitation.

, how do you want use the gift of this full on GoddessGasm of fear and limitation defying Divine sustenance?           


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"I thought I was over this stuff but I saw myself in all three of those negative beliefs you talked about" 


"I learned that I'm not the problem, I've been trying to fit into systems that don't fit me" 
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Womb Whispers  iz offered for the continuing adoration & inspiration of the Great Womb Essence calling to be seen in/as YOU!

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- Let's Be Beautiful Together -