I fell because of wisdom,
but was not destroyed:
through Her I dived
into the great sea,
and in those depths
I seized
a wealth-bestowing pearl.

I descended
like the great iron anchor
min use to steady their ships
in the night on rough seas,
and holding up the bright lamp
that I there received,
I climbed the rope
to the boat of understanding.

While in the dark sea,
I slept,
and not overwhelmed there,
dreamt: a star
blazed in my womb.

I marveled
at that light,
and grasped it,
and brought it up to the sun.
I laid hold upon it,
and will not let it go.

- Queen Makeda, 1000 B.C.


  Diva , we're deep inside the dual anointing of Summer Solstice & Outrageous Indulgence Full Moon!


Ntr't Nut

How are you loving our close up embrace from Great Mother, Ntr't Nut's SuperMoon?

This iz the closest and most opulently energizing lunar revelation She will bless us with this calendar year! Ntr't Nut, the Great Mother embodiment of Outrageous Indulgence Moon, always appeals to our Desire to dispel ideas of limitation and revel in our ability to live and serve effulgently.

This current celestial dance of entering the Season of the Sun while held closer-than-close in the embrace of a SuperMoon, iz calling us more emphatically than usual, to recognize and celebrate our uniquely feminine ability to balance the essences of  Fire and Water with equal poise.  If you've been asking for a "sign" telling you when "the time iz ripe" to make bold moves forward for your Truth......Well they don't get much clearer than this!

As a wombn you are blessed with an indwelling genius that allows you to propel your Desire with focused white-hot passion, while at the same time, demonstrating free-flowing generosity, compassion and inclusion.

Do you realize what a Super Power this iz?

Living in your womb iz a YOUniversal brilliance who's power iz only hinted at by the partial mirror of our Sun and Moon each appearing now at their magnetic and radiant zeniths. This power will remain locked to the timid, risk averse and worry prone. Outrageous Indulgence Moon iz calling you to unlock the heart of your Orgasmic essence by daring to dance out of the closet of your fears to celebrate the juiciest, most thoroughly indulgent, impossible dreams living in the core of your Soul's Desire.

Will you answer Her today Diva Beloved ?

What Outrageously Indulgent star, blazing in your womb will you dare now to marvel in, grasp, bring up to the Sun and not let it go?

Share your "Outrageous Indulgence Stars"  in the Circle Online

  something extra... 

The Soul Of The Universe FEAT. Mystic Cord of Memory by Michael Beckwith   
Celebrate our Supercharged Moon with this Divinely Indulgent video meditation from Diva artist, Effy Wild. You'll see Great Mother Ntr't Nut's influence as well!



Womb Whispers  iz offered for the continuing adoration & inspiration of the Great Womb Essence calling to be seen in/as YOU!

(do let us know what you like most about these whispers...we wanna be sure we're strokin you just right ;-)




- Let's Be Beautiful Together -