"I had a difficult time in accepting my purpose as a "keeper of rituals."  When I realized what it involved, I tried to run from it.  It wasn't until I got sick, and became more and more sick, that I finally surrendered and accepted my life's purpose.  It was only then that I started to heal.  I still have the urge to leave this work behind me, but the support of my community holds me in place." 

- Sobonfu Some


  We're in the spotlight of Mapping Your Divine Life Full Moon Diva !


Beautiful Full Moon

For these special days and nights, we get to revel in GrandMother Moon's fully naked and inescapable brilliance.

We are taught to meet the Full Moon with celebratory offerings of gratitude for the certain fruition of the intentions we planted when She was dark and New. Because we usually don't really believe two weeks iz time enough for the full fruition of our intentions, we tend to offer these celebrations solely as rituals of affirmation to keep us "flowing in that direction".

But Full Moon iz precisely the time our Great Mothers are urging us to look for the evidence that our Desire seeds are indeed flowering. What clearer guidance could we ask for than a giant celestial high-beam canceling out all that's usually left in darkness and shadow?  This iz especially important for the long-view Desires inspired by the current Mapping Your Divine Life Moon.

This Moon asks you to take up as your own, Ntr't Sesheta's diviners pen, and set about drafting the bigger visions stirring in your womb seeking to reveal more of your Divinity. And YES, She wants you to look for and find ready evidence of the realization of your Desire right now.  

But two weeks ain't enough time.
That's just magical thinking.
And I'd feel stupid looking for what I know ain't there yet.

All true. Which iz why I suspect that we are given to know this as Mapping Your Divine Life Moon, and not "Poof There It Iz Moon".  If I want to go on a world tour, I'll need to choose destinations and look for the best paths to reach them from where I am now.  Knowing my path will also reveal the people I will need to help me on my journey. As I faithfully enlist the people and resources I find, my world tour transforms from mere dream to solid certainty.

Every step we take towards revealing the map to our Divine Desire, unites us further with it's fruition. The evidence you find right now will most likely not be the final thing you're envisioning, what you're looking for iz your clearly revealed path to it.

Now that you've danced in the visions of your expanded Divine Life, what are the opportunities, people and resources you can see now that are poised to help you realize it? 

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What's a Diva do when her visionary Desire iz bigger than her own head, heart and hands can hold? 

Answer: She turns to the Sacred Circle where she re*members how to tune into, grow and thrive in the strength of the sisterhood as her own.

Bliss Wheel

I'm taking applications for an elite Sacred Circle for inspired, mission driven Divas with big, juicy, make-happen-now Desires. If sacred success feels more like a calling than a concept for you, I'd love to speak with you.

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Womb Whispers  iz offered for the continuing adoration & inspiration of the Great Womb Essence calling to be seen in/as YOU!

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