"If something makes you happy...then it iz your Truth"
- Eva Athena

We're on the Rise with Being Naked New Moon!  
Did you catch those fireworks!?!

Yes, Friday's New Moon brought us into the Chinese New Year of the Fire Cock and I know they're probably still sweeping up red firecracker paper everywhere the dragons danced this weekend, but...that's not the display I mean.

The YOUniversal Divine Feminine jumped into Her bawdiest vibration, sending shockwaves of unapologetic, full frontal wombn power, throughout the DIVAsphere. This ain't one of those subtle shifts. If you haven't felt it already, you most certainly will.

Great Mother, Ntr't TaUr't, comes to us in this Moon, shakin Her hippo hips and baring Her breasts to call us OUT.

OUT of shrinking in the shadows to support someone else's shine.
OUT of beliefs and relationships that don't let you breathe.
OUT of denying your right to and response-ability for your pleasure for any reason, ever.
OUT of settling for and making due with survival.
OUT of the lie that you are alone.
OUT of shame and any demand that you tone down your Truth.
OUT of struggle and suffering.
OUT of pain.
OUT of fear.
OUT of anything that's not your full on Orgasmic Magik and Bliss.

Being Naked Moon iz calling you to strip, consciously and deliberately, to the Truth of who you are which iz, ultimately, the Truth of your eternal Magnificence. This Moon iz here to seduce you into willingly being stripped of all that prevents you from living in and from an overriding self Love and acceptance in all you do.

It's only when you stand, unashamedly and unconditionally in your no-matter-what Divine Magnificence, that you can own and wield your creative power and the Ancestral and YOUniversal support the naked Truth of You commands.

What false cloaks will you use this Moon to strip off?

What new pleasures do you Desire your nakedness to reveal?

Share your "Naked Pleasures in the Circle Online

Being Naked iz being really real about You

   Are you giving yourself the heapings of Love, time, celebration and come-firstness the Truth of your Soul requires?

So much in our world iz constantly conspiring to turn us away from feeding our magik, and all of us get caught up by it sometimes. This iz why I created and regularly retake our always open, Wealth Magik 101 Emerge-n-See Radical Self Love Clinic.

Diva  I want you, me and all of us to be so lavishly self full in our individual and collective Magnificence, that our families, communities, nations and world can't help revealing themselves to respond in kind.

 and fortify yourself for the work and trials ahead.    

Womb Whispers  iz offered for the continuing adoration & inspiration of the Great Womb Essence calling to be seen in/as YOU!

(do let us know what you like most about these whispers...we wanna be sure we strokin you just right. 




- Let's Be Beautiful Together -