"Just as a wet match, when struck, does not produce fire, so a mind saturated with restlessness cannot produce the fire of concentration even when one makes great efforts to strike the cosmic spark."

-Paramhansa Yogananda
 Breathe In the Embrace of Effortless Revealing New Moon
Will you accept the Truth that all you Desire iz already prepared and awaiting your recognition to be revealed?

I hope so, because Effortless Revealing Moon commands that we not only accept this Truth. She calls us to embrace it!

Ntr_t Maat
Effortlessness iz the absence of resistance,
not the absence of work.

Most of us have learned to equate work with struggle. Whether it's earning money or a healing assignment, when we bring struggle to our work, we actually distance ourselves from the realization of our Desire.

The better way iz trusting that, whatever your work iz, you have more to rely on in completing it, that your own strength alone.

With Effortless Revealing Moon, Great Mother, Ntr't Maat iz calling and assisting you to recognize and receive the allies all around you ready to help you accept, allow and reveal your Soul's Desire. She enfolds us in this Truth as the Divine Embodiment of YOUniversal Law, which has no opposite. Receiving that you are not alone in the work of your revelation iz your sacred key to living in it's fulfillment.

Stop a moment to  b r e a t h e  that IN!

You are not in this alone.

Your ready allies will show up both as helpers and those Desiring your help. Appreciate them all, knowing that you are more than empowered enough to hold all that comes to you.

Today's New Moon iz a SuperMoon, which means even the most distracted among us, are sure to notice and feel Her effects. During this Effortless Revealing Moon, more people, from all walks of life will find themselves in want of your well practiced insight about living and thriving in this amped up energy.

In what ways are you available to effortlessness? And what are the ways you're resisting it? 

Share your "Effortlessness Availability in the Circle Online
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There's a living Orgasmic Core of creation power in everything we are, feel and do. Having a strong and reciprocal awareness of this Orgasmic Core reveals ever-greater expressions of your infinite creation power. Our world needs you wielding and flaunting the highest expressions of the True Power You IZ.

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Outside our temple, many of us on the path of feminine liberation, receive only the most generalized exposure to what true, deep honoring looks and feels like. This iz very hard work to do effectively in just general, "Love you inner Divine Feminine" terms. Each of us has her own core magik, with it's own unique expression and requirements for thriving.

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Womb Whispers  iz offered for the continuing adoration & inspiration of the Great Womb Essence calling to be seen in/as YOU!

(do let us know what you like most about these whispers...we wanna be sure we strokin you just right. 




- Let's Be Beautiful Together -