"The history of all times, and of today especially, teaches that ...women will be forgotten if they forget to think about themselves."

- Louise Otto



It's International Wombn's Day...Which of course means it's Diva  Day Today!

Still within the potent dark belly of Friday's Birthing New Beginnings New Moon, today iz a ripe time for re*membering and affirming your most bountiful and courageous intentions for yourself and for your sisters, worldwide.   


What new beginnings are you determined to give birth to in your life?  What do you Desire to join your sisters in birthing for us all?


Share your "New Birth Intentions" in the Circle Online.



Today, March 8th, iz International Women's Day. And because this iz not "just another day", I'm inviting you to put something new at the top of your to do list.   




Our Diva Sisters at the Women's International

Summit for Health (WISH), have created a phenomenal event to help you keep yourself at the top of all your lists. For 40 days and 40 nights, you're invited to make a commitment to you--to your health, well-being and to learning everything you possibly can from some of the most successful health and wellness leaders today.


WISH: The Women's International Summit for Health


This iz a Free Event featuring

Byron Katie

Maya Angelou

Marianne Williamson

Arielle Ford

Carol Look

Mike Adams

John Robbins

& many more!


An event like this iz the perfect way to stock up on the fuel you need to make your New Birth Intentions more than just wishful thinking!


Womb Whispers  iz offered each week for the continuing adoration & inspiration of the Great Womb Essence calling to be seen in/as YOU!

(be sure to let us know if you like it & want more...we wanna know we're strokin you just right ;-)




- Let's Be Beautiful Together -