The reason why we've pulled the rug out from under you
So many times,
Iz so you can see you don't need a rug.
You can stand on your own two feet, and more than that.
You can fly!
We are here to remind you,
The YOUniverse will support you
In All-Ways
-Melinda Thomas
Happy New Year   

Do you feel it?
There's magnetic shift in the foundations
like a new set of gears switching ON.

Last night's New Moon signals our carriage into a brand new Temple Year, now we begin afresh discovering and newly savoring the wellspring of Magik and Miracles we command when we honor the path of the Divine Feminine in our daily lives.

What do you Desire to create?
Where will you allow the DIVA Path to take you?
Are you building a vision for the new and evermore powerful YOU!

Welcome to Building The Circle Moon, this iz your time to Dream and act expectantly on those Dreams. You are Lovingly guided and protected in this precious, foundational time by our Great Mother, Ntr't Serkhet.

Ntr_t Serkhet

She iz the Mother of Building The Circle Moon, and of the Temple Of Wombn. She iz the Great Protectress and Healer, and in this Moon pours into you, Her power to transmute any and all dis-ease into vibrant well being. She's giving you Her Wings so you prove to yourself that you truly can fly.

Diva   the wheel of Divine Feminine power and progress iz now turning anew.  Go deep into your YOUniversal womb alignment...Feel and touch where Her path Desires to carry you. 

Share your "New Feminine Path Vision in the Circle Online

For the past little while I've been working semi-secretly with Diva Sisters, Mentors and Elders to bring you a potent, ongoing and unshakeable INsperiance of Divine Feminine Power in and as all the aspects of YOU.  We gave birth to...


Mastery of any kind iz a lifelong devotion that must be regularly, well and truly fed. There's no greater healing and revealing alkhamy for wombn's whole self growth and liberation than the Orgasmic SuperPower that iz our Sacred Circle!

Jump in with us! Inner Circle Sessions begin on Mon, and in Celebration of the New Year I'm giving a Private Orgasmic Energy Attunement Session to everyone who registers during our New Moon! 

Womb Whispers  iz offered for the continuing adoration & inspiration of the Great Womb Essence calling to be seen in/as YOU!

(do let us know what you like most about these whispers...we wanna be sure we strokin you just right. 




- Let's Be Beautiful Together -