"There are a million things inside you that  

you have to learn to see." 

 - Stella Adler 


 Let's Celebrate the Cumming of Sacred Beauty New Moon Diva !


Too many of us have fallen prey to that "only skin deep" lie about Beauty, leaving the magnificent depths of this vital feminine power unappreciated and largely unemployed in our lives.

Your Beauty iz the song of your uninhibited Desire to see and be Love, arranging itself within and reaching out to our world through your face. The power of this iz unmistakable and when applied with deliberate purpose, can and has changed the world for us all.

But left to wither in the neglected shadows of our too-busy-to-be-bothered lives, Beauty morns for the happy, fulfilled, nakedly loved and loving wombn we could be if only we allowed Her to serve us.

What deep Beauty in yourself will you learn to see anew or even for the first time this Moon?       


Share your "Deep Beauty"  in the Circle Online.




Tomorrow, Saturday the 21st, we open the Sacred Circle to celebrate the most feared, misunderstood and neglected expression of Feminine Sacred Beauty - our Wealth Magik.   

Orgasmic Wealth For Wombn Open Circle Preview 
In this Free Open Circle Call Diva Mama Nut will reveal the 3 Secret Beliefs that keep Wombn from Revealing & Enjoying Wealth
Everything You need to Completely Heal them & begin Realizing the Full Expression of Your Wealth Desires  Blissfully, Reliably, Masterfully...and Yes, Orgasmically! 


Diva  , you don't wanna miss this.




Womb Whispers  iz offered for the continuing adoration & inspiration of the Great Womb Essence calling to be seen in/as YOU!

(do let us know what you like most about these whispers...we wanna be sure we're strokin you just right ;-)




- Let's Be Beautiful Together -