"Through all time and all space, trans-galactic, immemorial, substantial, in glee bowers of bird and flower, we convene in the bird nest of the year, piping songs. You can cover your altar with flowers --sisters-- and sing the song that Earth has sung since first bee and first flower blossomed. Sky shout praises of collaboration, that we may activate and embody earth regeneration." 

-Marna Hauk   




Birthing New Beginnings Full Moon & Equinox Blessings Diva ,


The advent of Springtime iz the time when it seems all the world aligns in tune with the wisdom and adoration of Mother Urth. For we conscious revealers of the Divine Feminine, activating and embodying Urth's regeneration iz a year long devotional occupation.  You Diva  , are one of the wise wombn our world iz relying on to learn the dance of Spirit & Urth embodiment. You are needed to help us all realize the full fruition of Spring!   


How will you share your unique dance of womb connection to Mother Urth, with our world?



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Womb Whispers  iz offered each week for the continuing adoration & inspiration of the Great Womb Essence calling to be seen in/as YOU!

(do let us know how you like these whispers...we wanna be sure we're strokin you just right ;-)




- Let's Be Beautiful Together -