"We are each other's harvest; we are each other's business; we are each other's magnitude and bond."

- Gwendolyn Brooks
 We're in the Waxing Light of Lovers and Friends Moon
Our whole world knows that wombn working together can create and/or dismantle anything we focus our Desire on. There are those who want you to fear this power you own. Lovers and Friends Moon iz calling you to embrace and flaunt it.

Ntr_tu Ast _ Neb_t Het

With this Moon, our magik and miracle making duo of Great Mothers, Ntr'tu Ast and Neb't Het, are pouring Their Light out to us.Their radiant gift iz the literal life-giving magik that comes out of the union of conscious Feminine Power willing to reflect as freely as She shines for Herself.

Do you feel the pull?
The increasing urge to reach out, touch and connect,
a growing hunger for communal experiences and expressions.

The approaching fullness of Lovers and Friends Moon compels us to look for and join with Sisters of like mind and Desire, to bring to fruition the intentions we planted during Her dark phase.

Who do you trust and respect enough to invite into the co-creation of your Desire?

Who have you allowed to trust you enough to be welcomed into the co-creation of their Desire?

Share your "Co-creation Visions in the Circle Online

I Love Mercury Retrograde & You Will Too!

Mercury goes retrograde this Sunday. I know this iz a source of dread for many but I always feel this stellar event as one of uniquely elevated energy and clarity.

I've been seeing and feeling increased mental and e*motional weightiness from all the Beloveds I encounter lately. Many of us are struggling to find sure footing amid chaos. That struggle doesn't have to be.


To celebrate this Mercury Retrograde (cuz it really iz Fun when you know how to flow with it!), I'm offering limited Orgasmic Divination sessions. This iz the only time I'll offer this on it's own. Reply here to apply only if you're devoted to owning and acting on all of what you're shown, because the transformation you ignite WILL act on you.


Womb Whispers  iz offered for the continuing adoration & inspiration of the Great Womb Essence calling to be seen in/as YOU!

(do let us know what you like most about these whispers...we wanna be sure we strokin you just right. 




- Let's Be Beautiful Together -