"We need to find out what it is that we need to do to prove -- not to the rest of the world, but to ourselves -- that we are Divine. We must ask, "What work do I need to do to bear fruit?"

- Edwene Gaines 



 We're in the Womb of Healing Old Wounds New Moon Diva  !


These Womb Whispers have been silent for a bit while, I and the Temple have spent the first Moon of our Temple Year working dark light of Mother Nekhebet (I'll share more about that in my next letter). With the emergence of this New Moon, Mother TefNut calls us all to step newly into the light that lives beyond our past wounds.

The memory of pains once suffered and the defensive walls of resistance we erect around them, are far more damaging to our ability to see and be the conscious creators of our lives we Desire to be, than the original hurt...Whatever it was.  We must be willing to dance these old wounds into the light of our present Desires.  To stop building and rebuilding defenses, and free up our creative passions to bring forth the much sweeter, more nourishing fruit that cums from trusting the guidance of your Soul's Desires more than you fear the sting of "triggering" an old wound.

What new fruits are waiting to ripen in you beyond your old defenses? What work do you need to do to set them free?     


Share your "New Fruits"  in the Circle Online.


Ntr't TefNut

Feeling unsupported iz epidemic among spiritually focused wombn.  Too many would-be luminaries instead stay stuck lamenting that there's no one on their side, or worse, that there's no real help available you don't have to pay for first. When I hear this it breaks my heart because I know it's a lie & a self-fulfilling nightmare of isolation for the wombn who believe it. 
I created the Soul's Desire™ Activation because I am committed to you getting the help you need to see  your own clear miracle path to realizing your Desires.  Your Diva Mentors and I are able & delighted to support you. The clarity, support & substantive guidance you crave iz yours for the asking...



Womb Whispers  iz offered for the continuing adoration & inspiration of the Great Womb Essence calling to be seen in/as YOU!

(do let us know what you like most about these whispers...we wanna be sure we're strokin you just right ;-)




- Let's Be Beautiful Together -