"What I do you cannot do; but what you do, I cannot do. The needs are great, and none of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful."

-Mother Teresa

  We Are All Empowered in the Light of Extending The Circle Full Moon!

 the synchronicity of being lifted into the full radiance of Great Mother Ntr't Neith's  embrace at the same moment much of our world iz celebrating the  embodied arrival of Christ Consciousness, iz your super-potent, clear sign that NOW iz the time to wake up live out your well ripened Magnificence as your sacred gift to all you are able to touch.

Ntrt Neith

The grand radiance blessing this night's sky iz but a paltry reflection of the Soul Brilliance planted inside you to share far and wide. The supercharged call of this Extending The Circle Moon to access your inner fire and put it to work immediately  to reach beyond the limits you have grown within so far, won't fade as usual.  As it's dawning will occur in Her embrace, Extending The Circle Moon and Great Mother Ntr't Neith will be the guiding energies characterizing the whole of 2016!

The YOUniverse iz calling you, me and all of us to put out, starting now and through all the phases of the new solar year. Give Orgasmically from deep within the treasures of your womb and dare to witness your inexhaustible worth.

In what ways will you begin now to extend  the raw fire of your passions, making yourself more available to the YOUniversal Sisterhood?

Share your "Extending Fire"  in the Circle Online

Are You IN Yet?

Don't just put a new calendar up on the same ole limits, frustrations and not-enoughness you been dragging 'round from year-to-year.  Nourish yourself in the proven new consciousness cauldron we've created for you to thoroughly release the old and reveal a fresh Expanded, Opulent, Divalicious New YOU!

Wealth Magik 101 - Emerge-n-See Radical Self Love Clinic 

Join Today and open your year working directly with Nut in All New, Live, New YOU Year 2016 Wealth Magik Activation Sessions! You would normally invest thousand$ for this level of personalized training, but in Celebration of Extending The Circle Moon(Year!), Diva  , you're invited to Renew Yourself in this special  Sacred Cauldron for whatever portion of the tuition amount you choose.

This iz a gift. Receive it.

Womb Whispers  iz offered for the continuing adoration & inspiration of the Great Womb Essence calling to be seen in/as YOU!

(do let us know what you like most about these whispers...we wanna be sure we're strokin you just right ;-)




- Let's Be Beautiful Together -