"Whenever you question your value say, 
"Divine Itself iz incomplete without me."
Re*member this when the ego speaks, and you will not hear it. The truth about you iz so lofty that nothing that iz unworthy of Divine iz worthy of you.
Choose, then, what you want in these terms, and accept nothing that you would not offer to Divine as wholly fitting for Her, for you do not want anything else."

- A Course in Miracles


Diva  , open and 
receive the Sweet Black Light of Outrageous Indulgence New Moon!



At One with Ntr't Nut


Great Mother Blackness iz come once again!


On Sunday, for the second time in this still new 2014 year, we were blessed with a Black Moon. As we witnessed during Mapping Your Divine Life Moon, these rare second New Moons in a single calendar month have long been revered for bestowing exponentially amplified energy and influence upon the intentions offered during their appearance. Seems our Celestial Divine Mothers, Ntr't Sesheta and Ntr't Nut, intend for us to drink in more potent than usual doses of Their Magiks!


The writing's on the walls, upon the winds and in the star shine...


If there ever was such a thing as "hide your light in a bushel season", that time iz dead and gone now.  Sure every wombn iz free to try to hold onto her small-playing, excuse-making ways, if she so chooses. Just know that this post equinox, Black appearance of Outrageous Indulgence New Moon iz putting us all on notice that the price we will pay for such petty delusions has just gone way up, with no extended payment plans, layaway or credit. 


Whether you think you're ready or not, NOW iz the time to bring your inner creative revolutionary, daredevil dreamer, high achiever out of the closet, before the door gets ripped off and the walls come tumbling down.


With Outrageous Indulgence Moon, Great Mother Ntr't Nut iz calling you to grow out and reveal your capacity for beneficial and visionary Indulgence.  Diva , are your days and most energized thinking a testament to the highest and best you can allow Her the pleasure of in/as You?


I know your Desire iz infinite and relentless.

I know you live with un-spoken dreams and passions hot enough to rock the world and realign space and time.

I know stepping out dressed only in the naked truth of your Soul's Desire feels vulnerable and scary, at first.


Which iz why you can't afford not to take and drink from the Black cup of power this Moon iz offering you, and receive the abundant blessings poised to follow your shameless courage.




What unborn great life and world changing indulgence has been secretly living in your heart and womb?


In what ways will you open yourself to celebrating your commitment to revealing this achievement, beginning today?


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Great Indulgence

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"Breaking Free from Busy-ness to Reveal the Real You"

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