You have been told also life iz darkness, and in your weariness you echo what was said by the weary.
And I say that life iz indeed darkness save when there iz urge,
And all urge iz blind save when there iz knowledge,
And all knowledge iz vain save when there iz work,
And all work iz empty save when there iz love;
And when you work with love you bind yourself to yourself, and to one another, and to Divine.

-Khalil Gibran


 We're in the Embrace of Effortless Revealing New Moon Diva !  


Ntr't Maat Guiding Ra Herukhuti

 There's a poison cup that gets passed around among "spiritual types" (of course not you, Diva , but some folks you probably know of). A lot of us have gotten drunk on a toxic religion of self-avoidance around the words "effortless" and "work".  False definitions born of the pain of desperation and insecurity have perverted our perception of the true meaning and gifts each represents.

In our stupor, we fall prey to a spiritual slackerism that holds us in a perpetual infancy of clinging to the delusion of "manifesting", "attracting", "praying up" or "spell casting" our Desires wholly without any substantive investment on our part, least of all money or sweat.

Let's not get it twisted.

Great Mother Ntr't Maat and the Divine Medicine of Her Effortless Revealing Moon, ain't got nothing to do with that foolishness! She never appears to us in retreat or repose. We always see Her in dynamic action, wings fully outstretched, masterfully balancing the golden scales of Love, Grace, Truth, Balance, Reciprocity, Justice and Response*Ability, or as in the image above, actively guiding, blessing and supporting  our embodiment of conscious revelation-in-action (Ntr Ra Herukhuti)

Later in the chapter of The Prophet quoted above, Gibran gives us the Maat Truth:

 "Work iz love made visible."

It's not proving your worth by suffering through dissatisfaction, strain and despair.
It's not abandoning your real self in toil to win the appearance of being liked, loved or fitting in.
It's not whoring out empty facsimiles of your dreams for fame and or coin.

These are all ways we buy into resisting the revelation of our Gifts. They, and the spiritual slackerism born of this wounding, are the perversions we settle for when we believe in our fear more than we trust the Desire calling to us from our wombs. This Moon iz calling you rise up in ecstatic Love with the work of your revelation. She's re*minding you that you are right now, anointed with more than enough of the strength, ingenuity, inspiration and Grace necessary to Blissfully cultivate mirror revelations of your True Gifts, in your sisters, brothers, children and our world.

Our effortlessness iz the absence of resistance, not the absence of work.

What will you choose today to make your Love more visible, to yourself and all who would be served by it?


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I know of no better or more miraculous intoxication than making visible the Divine Love expressed in/as your Soul's Desire!

  I also know that too many genuinely well meaning and sincere sacred professionals struggle and suffer in their missions, without ever tasting or enjoying the fruits of this Bliss.
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Check out this video for an inspiring example of work being Love made visible (this will make you smile!).


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