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Consultants to Organizations | June 2014


Despite the progress women have made over the last few decades in the workplace, a salary gap and a glass ceiling persist. This month we're writing about that gap and looking at one approach for how women can overcome it. In addition, we have some intriguing information about the state of trust in today's workplace and a great recap of the Future of Libraries Summit recently facilitated by Paula at the Library of Congress! 


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Women: Catching Up but Still Behind...What Can be Done?


A recent article in The AtlanticThe Confidence Gap, asserts that despite the many advances that women have made over the years - earning more college degrees than men and making up half of today's workforce, for starters - women still earn less money than men and have made little progress in terms of achieving top-level positions. Authors Kay and Shipman attribute the persistent gap to one thing: a critical lack of confidence on the part of women. While we can hear some of you scoffing, the authors conducted significant research that shows that regardless of the stellar accomplishments of some of today's most successful women, a marked shortage of confidence was noted. Women often don't consider themselves ready for promotions, prepared for tests or deserving of accolades. Luckily, confidence can be learned. Take this Confidence Quiz and read the full article for information on how the gap can be overcome and women can value and be confident in their own performance and abilities just as much as men already are!  

Future of Libraries Summit: 

Reflections from a Facilitator

In early May The Singer Group enjoyed leading and engaging a team of facilitators in support of the American Library Association's Future of Libraries Summit held at the Library of Congress. ALA leadership through this invitational summit brought together librarians from all walks of life and key stakeholders in technology, publishing, education and more to provide input regarding priorities for the new American Library Association Center of the Future of Libraries. The two day event featured speakers who painted a compelling picture of the future followed by summit participant engagement with the material presented through facilitated table discussions, personal reflections, and social media.


If you'd like to know more about the summit and to learn about a few easy ways to engage, click here. 

Do Your Employees Trust You?

American's overall job satisfaction levels are at a healthy height. Satisfaction with the growth, development and recognition opportunities provided by employers are less rosy. However, most troubling of all is the 1 in 4 employees in a recent survey who say they don't trust their employer at all. Over 50% say they feel they don't receive transparent and open communication from their employer and 1/3 doubt the honesty of their employer. Generally speaking, employees who weathered the recession while remaining committed and loyal to their employer, are still not feeling the love, so to speak. 


What can employers do? Meaningful and substantive employee involvement, recognition and communication are key. We are not talking about surface-level programs that provide mere lip-service to the issues troubling employees. If you do a climate or culture survey, let employees know the results and talk to them about their ideas for moving forward based on the results. Despite paeans to performance management, receiving a stellar evaluation without commensurate compensation is often perceived as nothing but insulting. Most important, communicate frequently and openly. Encourage communication at and among all levels - not just top down. Employees may have lost some trust in employers but that doesn't mean it can't be earned back!


We hope you enjoyed this addition of Reach. As always, please feel free to share your thoughts with us, as well as pass on this eNewsletter to anyone you think might benefit. 


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