We asked men in our GlobalMindED community of inclusive leaders to share about the women who have opened doors for them, personally and professionally. Men who are able to acknowledge the ways in which women enrich their lives are part of the solution to gender equity. Women won't solve gender equity by themselves. During this International Week of Women, GlobalMindED honors all men who promote, acknowledge and champion the success of women. We all need each other and we all have strengths to leverage in education, entrepreneurship, in the C-Suite, on boards and in public office. Men are an important part of the advancement of women and we are grateful for the doors men open for us and the high standard that inclusive men set for other men based on their values and beliefs. We hope that our male readers will learn from these diverse perspectives and that you will take the time this week to courageously advance the women in your place of work, community and in your household. We honor you for opening doors for women.
Alan McKellar, Vice President of Software Development at Rogue Wave Software

Barb Slatt is a chemical engineer who rose through the R&D ranks at P&G based on her analytical, administrative and leadership abilities. As one of the most senior executives within R&D globally, Barb pioneered the approach to couple esoteric research projects with practical applications that served our customers. Even though I was one of many managers in her organization made up of a few thousand individuals, Barb would take the time to coach me and help me improve my own performance. 

Niki Roman is a software engineer and executive who worked with me at HP and at CA Technologies. On a crucial project, I realized early on that I did not possess the critical skill sets necessary to deliver the required results. I explained this to the Director who took my recommendation to promote her as a peer of mine and to seed her new team with members from mine. She quickly turned around the project that supported approximately 200 engineers and allowed us to ship three families of products on time.
Mike Abbiatti, Executive Director of WCET and WICHE Vice President for Educational Technologies

Success is defined in many ways. We have our own personal definition, and society has crafted a generic set of standards that and the women in my life defined who I am, and therefore set the standards for any "success" I might garner. Leadership knows no gender. 

The list of women responsible for who I am starts with my mother, Betty Abbiatti. She taught me the values and standards I employ to myself, my children, my grandchildren great-grandchildren and to others on a daily basis. My wife Nan continues the process by being sure my moral compass is always in working order. Professionally, Brigadier General Clara Bresnahan had a major impact on my outlook and 25 yrs of military life. After the military, Dr. Pauline Rankin and Dr. Carolyn Hargrave molded me into who I am today in my chosen higher education career. Dr. Sally Johnstone has also been a major role model through the years. Note that these stellar individuals were/are caring friends first, then professional colleagues. Leadership knows no gender.
Brian Barnier, Director, Head of Analytics at ValueBridge Advisors

Changing the world requires seeing differently, thinking differently and analyzing differently. And, doing so from a young age to avoid structural blindness and cognitive bias in later years. So it is that I'm most thankful for those women who value that spark of difference in me - especially within regimented public schools with a narrow definition of "what good looks like." That list starts with my mother, and runs through teachers such as Mrs. Georgiou, Miss Feldman, Mrs. Manchester, and Mrs. McMahon. Through the years, I've met others like me who have been tech and business model innovators, so many share this influence.
Lawrence Ford, CEO at Conscious Capital Wealth Management

My mom. After a bit of a rough start in life I landed in the arms of my new adopted loving family. It felt like being I was being stung when I was touched and burned when hugged; after a few days of no sleep and refusing to eat I had to be hospitalized. The pure love and nurturing of my mother taught me it was ok to be touched and that receiving nutrition was something I deserved. Because of her patience (and the love of from my father) today I am blessed to share that feminine and masculine integration of love with the world.

Join us to recognize the most   inclusive leaders   in key industries for their innovations and bold actions to promote access and equity for women, people of color, and underrepresented  populations in their recruiting, development, senior management, on their boards, and in their pipeline strategies from education to employment. 

Nominations   are now open for the 2019 Inclusive Leadership Awards and 
close on   April 1, 2019 .

For our 3rd year, WCET and GlobalMindED are accepting nominations for 2019 Digital Inclusion Award. This award is a unique recognition of an individual, organization or program having shown significant impact on low-income and/or First Generation learner populations with regard to increasing involvement in global digital leadership. 

Nominations are now open for the 2019 Digital Inclusion Award .
June 5-7, 2019
Denver, CO
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GlobalMindED is delighted that the Harvard First Gen MBA candidates will be providing guidance to our 2019 First Gen Leaders Class on making the most out of the conference, networking at meals and receptions, developing influence and mastering professional skills in sessions occurring March through May. The Student Body President of HBS, Triston Francis, will participate on the Higher ED and share his First Gen success story.  
Harvard Business School has several   programs designed for college students  to explore whether a career in business and/or a Master's in Business Administration might be the right fit for you. 
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June 6-7, 2019
Denver, CO
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The goal of this program is to build a future diverse STEM and innovative workforce, while creating a fun, inspiring, and exciting experience for girls, people of color and underserved population students, as well as to help them discover and pursue their passions in STEM. This event gives students insight on emerging technology fields and connections to role models, mentors, internships, and jobs in the area. 
June 5-7, 2019
Denver, CO

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Cybersecurity is facing talent shortages at a time when problem-solving, innovation and productivity are critical. The talent pipeline seems to be improving, but valuable professionals are opting out of the profession in mid-career. In this seminar, you will hear from leaders driving innovation with culture, inclusion, equity and diversity, and from change agents on how you can make shift happen.

March 12-14, 2019 - Denver, CO

CO Impact Days is 3 day conference where individuals and organizations gain the confidence, tools, and connections they need to align their money with their mission and values. CO Impact Days is where leaders of the Impact Investing movement are born. The event culminates with an in-person Social Venture Marketplace (also open to the public) - essentially a farmers market for investors filled with valuable social ventures (projects, nonprofits, for profits, and funds) that are seeking investments! GlobalMindED Community can get a 30% discount registration with the codeCID19GLOBALLYMINDED at https://www.coimpactdays.org/register/.
March 14, 2019 - Denver, CO

C-Level @ A Mile High is the Colorado Technology Association's largest fundraiser, packed with a C-level celeb auction, prizes and Tech Exchange to help carry out its mission of fueling Colorado's economy through technology. It's the perfect opportunity to build relationships with peers, win business and be introduced to tech companies and influential IT leaders in a setting unlike any other within Colorado. 
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