Clean water for God's thirsty children
At this very moment, 110,000 Water Women around the world are providing clean water to their own and three other families.

Water With Blessings is now in 48 countries, but we have the opportunity to help even more. Please consider joining us.

"Thank you sisters..."
In Honduras, Sr. Larraine met with four Water Teachers who provide training to new Water Women. Liliane, who has been working with us the longest, talks about what this means to her, giving thanks to God and to you, our generous donors.
We are grateful to all who have joined in the important work of providing clean water for God's thirsty children. Please consider helping us once again.
The Gift of Prayer
As Water With Blessings , we promise our Water Women to begin each morning in prayer for them, as well as our Water Training Teams and all our Supporters throughout the world.

Our Water Women lead challenging lives, and so we ask their Sponsors to join us in supporting them with the prayer we include in this message today.

Please consider adding your gift of daily prayer by joining with us.

Every Water Woman has made a commitment to filter water for at least three neighbor households as well as her own. That means, on average, we can count on each Water Woman to provide clean water to 16 people.

It's because of these dedicated mothers that we are Water With Blessings .
A Prayer for
Water Women
Holy One , be present today to Water Women throughout the world.

In their daily challenges and struggles, may their service to neighbor be a source of joy.

May their families, especially their children, be kept safe and healthy.

May those who are threatened by war, disease, and natural disaster be guarded by your providential care.

As they are a blessing for others, so may they be blessed.
We believe every child should be drinking clean water. Are you with us?