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*Tuesday's e-blast had a typo in Gov. Kathy Hochul's phone number. The correct number to call is (518) 474-8390.*

The WNY Women's Foundation has long been a leader in advocating for quality, affordable, accessible child care for our community's families.

With a child care system in crisis, we are on the brink. We need Governor Hochul and the state legislature to dedicate at least $3 billion for child care in the 2023 state budget.

Consider these facts:

Businesses Get It:
Overall, 76% of business leaders are in favor of making more New Yorkers eligible for child care subsidies so that a family of four with a household income of $106,000 would not pay for child care.

Women Get It:
Over 5.4 million women in the U.S. left the workforce during COVID closures and remote school. Nearly 1.5 million have not yet returned. Women lost three decades of workforce participation in one year.

Child Care Providers Get It:
More than 90% of child care providers are women. Greater than 50% are black and brown women. 65% child care workers qualified for public assistance due to low wages.

Financial Analysts Get It:
A report from the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis demonstrated early childhood investments provide up to $16 in benefits every year for every dollar of public money targeted toward high-quality education and care.
Now, we need our elected decision-makers to Get It.
Call Governor Hochul Today
The 2023 state budget must be approved by April 1. Call Governor Hochul and urge her to invest at least $3 billion in child care. See below for a suggested script and more information.
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