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This month, help advocate for universal child care—a meaningful and necessary workplace support that keeps women in the workforce and will make a huge difference for women returning to work after the pandemic.

Plus, Black History Month starts next week. Check out tips below for how to be a strong ally to Black women.
What is advocacy?
Check out the basics of what it means to be an advocate and read about the WNY Women's Foundation's 2021 Advocacy Priorities.

Child Care Advocacy Day: Feb. 2
Demand the New York State fund child care! Spread the word about Child Care Advocacy Day with these quick social media templates.

Share Your Story
Telling your personal story is the most important thing you can do to influence lawmakers and improve New York State’s early care and education system.

Improve Your Allyship
Be a white ally for your colleagues of color and learn about 6 ways to be an advocate for them in the workplace.

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