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This month, we're focused on gender inclusive language.

What is gender inclusive language?
Using gender-inclusive language means speaking and writing in a way that does not discriminate against a particular sex, social gender, or gender identity, and does not perpetuate gender stereotypes.

What are some examples of gender inclusive language?
Think about job titles: it is more gender inclusive to say firefighter than fireman. Same with business person vs. businessman. You can leave a meeting by saying "see you folks later!" rather than "see you guys later."

Why does gender inclusive language matter?
The words we choose are important. Through gender inclusive language, we can include people, even if we do not understand their identity, expression, or experience.

At the WNY Women's Foundation, we work hard to create opportunities for women to earn, learn, and lead. Using gender inclusive language is just one way we strive to include all women in our work.

So let's take action!
Use Correct Pronouns
Pronouns are integral to who we are and are how we refer to other people. Knowing and using someone's pronouns properly is a positive way to support the people in your life!

Archie Crowley's TED Talk
Watch sociolinguist Archie Crowley deconstruct three common myths around language, demonstrating how language is a fluid system that naturally evolves in the direction of inclusion.

Schedule Cultural Competency Training for Your Workplace
Providing training to your team, or participating yourself, can help everyone learn to respect each other, despite our differences, and practice using inclusive language.

In our region, here are a couple of options for training providers:

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