This is a series of online videos and workshops that help you create and expand your marketing and sales.

We meet (on Zoom) twice a month for 3 months building YOUR action plans!

Series 1: Create YOUR strong marketing and sales plan of action includes:
  • Identifying your idea client(s)
  • Writing Messages That Attract Their Attention so They Give You Money!
  • Doing Your Competitive Analysis Review
  • Highlighting Your Strengths
  • Identifying Your Unique Value Proposition
  • Writing Your Social Media and Marketing Content - + Learning the systems.
  • Creating Your Marketing to Sales Process
  • Learning about SEO, Blogging, Google & Facebook Ads

Series 2: Creating YOUR Massive Brand Expansion
  • Using Social Media for Sales
  • Creating Videos and Going Live Practice & Best Practices for Scripts.
  • Automating Your Social Media and Newsletters
  • Forming Groups of Potential Clients
  • Marketing Automation for Less Stress
  • Deeper Dive into Creating Sales
  • LinkedIn Expansion Tools & Processes
  • Using the Power of Media and PR

All for only $200 / month and $160 for Members.

Contact Christine with questions and/or to enroll.