For the Earth and All Generations 
Women's Earth & Climate Action Network Newsletter
November 5, 2016 
Dear Friends and Allies, 

As the waters rise - so do the women of the world. On every continent, and in diverse and increasingly powerful manifestations, women are standing up to  call for  climate justice and a healthy and sustainable world for us all.

These are tumultuous days. The   Paris Climate  Agreement  has just entered into force,  governmental representatives  from across the world are preparing for the COP22  UN  climate talks in Morocco, a nd civil society and thos e on the frontlines are working furiously to make up for the gap that world governments have left between their action commitments, and the bold change we need to address the dire scientific reality of the climate crisis. 

In North Dakota, the Standing Rock Sioux and their allies from across  the  U.S. and  around  the world have been facing violence and mass arrests as Dakota Access pipeline construction is pushed ever closer to waterways and through sacred sites. The violation in North Dakota of Indigenous rights, human rights and the rights of the Earth is not an isolated incident, but rather one aspect of brutal colonial resource extraction happening across the world. We have been horrified by the unconscionable display of environmental racism, attacks and the callous and unlawful treatment of our sisters and bothers at Standing Rock - and we are in deep respect and humbled by the incredible courage, leadership and determination being shown by our allies on the ground.

At this challenging time we are encouraged by  the women and global allies  who are  taking action to show that another world is possible.

For our members in the US - action for a healthy world includes getting out to VOTE this week!

Explore our November 2016 Women's Earth and Climate Action Network Newsletter to explore the global action gallery and add your voice to ' Women Act for Climate Justice: Ten Days of Global Mobilization'; learn about upcoming WECAN actions and events on the ground in Morocco during COP22; hear from Indigenous women on the frontlines of the Dakota Access pipeline movement; and much more.
womenactWomen Act for Climate Justice: 
10 Days of Global Mobilization
Women of the Costal South of Bangladesh share their climate messages as a part of the Ten Days of Global Mobilization - Photo via ActionAid Bangladesh
Right now, women, girls and allies for climate justice around the world are taking action as part of ' Women Act for Climate Justice - Ten Days of Global Mobilization'.

This is a decentralized action that everyone can participate in locally - add your voice TODAY through November 6.  Click here to explore the global action gallery and submit your photo and statement.

From Fiji to Uruguay - from Bangladesh to Tanzania and everywhere in between - we are organizing together to show our resistance to environmental and social degradation; highlight the climate impacts our communities are facing; demand drastic change away from our unjust economic and development systems; and demonstrate the many effective, just and safe climate solutions, strategies and political calls that are being implemented by women and girls around the world on a daily basis. 

Global action submissions are being shared far and wide across media platforms, and will be presented during events during the UNFCCC COP22 in Morocco. WECAN is honored to be co-sponsoring this campaign with the Women's Global Call for Climate Justice.
Valerie Sklarevsky of Malibu, California, USA holds a solidarity action outside of the Bank of America demanding divestment from the banks financing the Dakota Access Pipeline
COP22WECAN at COP22 Morocco
Allies from around the globe speak out at a WECAN press conference during COP21 Paris - Photo by Emily Arasim
The Women's Earth and Climate Action Network will be on the ground in Marrakech, Morocco with a WECAN Delegation this November during the 2016 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) COP22 climate talks - advocating with many allies for climate justice, gender equality, Indigenous rights, rights of nature and meaningful, bold action on climate change, with grassroots, Indigenous and frontline women leaders who need to be heard at the forefront of policy and decision making.

WECAN we will take action and hold events both within the UNFCCC climate conference and outside in public spaces across Marrakech.

Join us for - 

Women Leading Solutions on the Frontlines of Climate Change - Marrakech (PUBLIC EVENT)
November 14th, 2016 from 13-18:00                                          
K enzi Farah Hotel (Avenue du Président Kennedy, Hivernage District,  Marrakech, Morocco)
Public event - No UN accreditation required

Women for Climate Justice Leading Solutions on the Frontlines of Climate Change (COP22 SIDE EVENT)

November 16, 2016 from 16:45 - 18:15
Bering (former Observer Room 10),  COP22 Blue Zone
Accreditation required to attend

Women for Climate Justice Leading Solutions on the Frontlines of Climate Change (COP22 PRESS CONFERENCE)
November 16th from 15:00 - 15:30
COP22 Blue Zone,  Press Conference Room Dakhla
Accreditation required

Indigenous Rights and Rights of Nature: Foundations for Systemic Change in Climate Solutions (COP22 PRESS CONFERENCE)
November 17th from 10:30 - 11:00
COP22 Blue Zone, Press Conference Room Dakhla
Accreditation required
Co-hosted with the Indigenous Environmental Network

Solidarity Action with Standing Rock, Dakota Access Pipeline Resistance 
Location and time TBA
Organized with Indigenous leadership

International Climate March 
Sunday November 13th - 14:00 at  El Harti Stadium 
WECAN will be marching with our delegation

standingrockwomenIndigenous Women Protecting All Our Relations: Voices from Standing Rock
Jaslyn Charger, Kandi Mossett and LaDonna BraveBull Allard - three of the Indigenous women leaders standing to protect water and life at Standing Rock - Photos by Emily Arasim
Indigenous women from across North America are on the frontline of ongoing action to halt construction of the  Dakota Access Pipeline - standing as beacons of hope, resistance and love that shine far beyond the corporate pillage of Energy Transfer partners and the  banks  and corporations  financing the pipeline .

In recognition of the central role played by Indigenous women in the resistance effort, the  Women's Earth and Climate Action Network visited Standing Rock multiple times to  directly support efforts on the ground and to conduct interviews with Indigenous women leaders of the Standing Rock Sioux Peoples, and allies from Indigenous Nations across the U.S. who have traveled to North Dakota to take action.

Ways To Take Action In Solidarity With Standing Rock
nonewleasesDCNo New Leases & NoDAPL Action 
in Washington, DC
Osprey of WECAN stands united with Indigenous women leaders of Alaska, the US Southwest and Gulf Coast region during the #NoNewLeases action in Washington DC - Photo by Emily Arasim
This September frontline, Indigenous, and environmental organization leaders from the  Keep It In the Grou nd Coalition   united  and rose for climate justice during a #NoNewLeases, No Dakota Access Pipeline Day of Action in Washington D.C. 

The groups delivered over 1 million signatures on a petition calling upon President Obama to end all new oil and gas leasing on public lands and waters. The delivery and rally at the White House was followed by a non-violent direct action inside of the United States Department of the Interior, during which 13 protectors, including WECAN's Executive Director, Osprey Orielle Lake were arrested.

As part of the Keep It In The Ground coalition, WECA N took part to demand immediate action to stop new leases, and in solidarity with allies at Standing Rock to demand a halt to the Dakota Access Pipeline construction.

Click here to learn more about the Keep It In the Ground movement and this action via Common Dreams - click here for more photos from the actions - and click here to watch  Autumn Harry deliver an impassioned speech outside of the White House.
In This Newsletter
Snapshots from the Women Act for Climate Justice Gallery
View more actions and 
Members of the All India Women's Conference share climate messages
Mahfuza Akter of Vanuatu, Fiji via
ActionAid Australia 
Mary Marshall & Marla Korpar of
WECAN and allies stand for climate justice and #NoDAPL
Strong messages from the Sierra Club of Hawa'i
Women of the Costal South of Bangladesh unite for action via ActionAid Bangladesh
Helena Wong of the 
Global Grassroots Justice Alliance
Women of 1 Million Women, Australia
IUCNWECAN At The IUCN World Conservation Congress 
Patricia Gualinga Director of International Relations for the Pueblos of Sarayaku, Ecuadorian Amazon speaks about her people's Living Forest Proposal during WECAN's IUCN panel 
During the 2016 International Union for the Conservation of Nature's (IUCN) 'World Conservation Congress', WECAN held events, advocated and engaged with governments and civil society organization in order to lift up a climate justice framework, rights of nature and show why women's leadership; Indigenous rights and frontline women's struggles and solutions; and deep systemic change are key to just and effective conservation policy, and to all attempts to move forward on the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. IUCN is the world's largest environmental organization, comprised of both governmental and civil society representatives.

WECAN was honored to stand with a diverse group of colleagues who have worked for years to successfully push for the passing of Motion 26 which, "protects areas to be considered as no-go areas for environmentally damaging industrial activities and infrastructure developments, emphasizing the need for respect of Indigenous peoples' rights as a high priority, to ensure their free, prior and informed consent in relation to activities in sacred natural sites and territories conserved by Indigenous peoples and local communities." 

At the IUCN Congress, WECAN was
 very honored to be collaborate with Amazon Watch; WEDO; Center for Earth  JurisprudenceGlobal Alliance for the Rights of NatureSacred Land Film Project, amongst many others working ongoingly on these vital issues.

Click here to explore our blog and learn more about WECAN's involvement and advocacy.
Women for climate justice from around the world unite at IUCN 
Women take non-violent direct action at Standing Rock - Photo by Emily Arasim
Michelle Cook (Diné, Standing Rock Legal Advisor) - Photo by Osprey Orielle Lake
A delegation of women allies from across the US stand with Standing Rock - Photo by Emily Arasim
Lauren Howland (Jicarilla Apache, International Indigenous Youth Council) - Photo by Emily Arasim
to support WECAN's work for climate justice, women's leadership, and the Rights of the Earth and generations to come.
Thank you for your continued support of our work for climate justice and care for the Earth and all generations, 
 The Women's Earth and Climate Action Network Team  
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