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October 13,  2015
Dear Friends and Allies,

Many breakthrough and stirring events have happened since our last newsletter. To highlight just a few that are inspiring us - because of people power, Shell oil has pulled out of the Arctic, fossil fuel divestment is expanding rapidly, and last month, women from more than fifty countries took action as part of the Global Women's Climate Justice Day of Action, organized by the WECAN team.

Momentum is strong, and we are committed to ever-growing action for gender justice, climate solutions, Rights of Nature, and socio-economic systemic change. 

Explore this months newsletter for exciting updates and insights into the Global Women's Climate Justice Day of Action and related WECAN events in New York City, then look forward with us as we introduce WECAN's plans for COP21 climate negotiations in Paris this December.
NYCeventWomen Speak for Climate Justice In New York City
On September 29th, while worldwide allies united for decentralized local actions, WECAN convened a Global Women's Climate Justice Day of Action hub event at the United Nations Church Center in New York City.

'Women Speak: Climate Justice on the Road to Paris & Beyond' featured outstanding women leaders from across the globe sharing analysis, experiences, and solutions as they forge the way towards a just and livable future. Click here to review biographies of event speakers.

The event culminated with a historic announcement of the 'Indigenous Women of the America - Defenders of Mother Earth Treaty Compact 2015' and a direct action by a group of presenters and participants outside of the United Nation headquarters while the UN General Assembly was in session. We look forward to sharing event videos soon - please click here to read about the event on Huffington Post !

Jacqui Patterson of the NAACP speaks out for climate justice.
WECAN and allies outside of the United Nations calling for action to keep fossil fuels in the ground and protect the web of life.
DOAupdateGlobal Women's Climate Justice 
Day Of Action Update

On September 29th, women from more than fifty countries raised their voices to draw attention to the climate impacts in their communities, the solutions they offer, and their calls for action from world governments. From Nigeria to Scotland, India to Bolivia and everywhere in between - allies took action to show exactly why women are key stakeholders in climate justice and solutions.

Join us in sharing photos, videos, and statements from the action gallery, and please add your voice now if you have not yet had a chance. Stories and solutions shared as part of the Global Women's Climate Justice Day of Action will be taken forward to COP21 in Paris by the WECAN delegation.

THANK YOU to every single person who took action or supported this critical women's climate justice mobilization. Special thanks goes out to all of our incredible supporting partners - please see a list of our international partners  here !

  Click here to read ''Mapping Women's Resistance to Social & Ecologic Degredation'- an indepth analysis of why women are central to climate justice in the context of the the Day of Action, featured on  OpenDemocracy50.50
ecuadordelEcuadorian Women's Delegation

While in New York City, WECAN International,  in collaboration with longtime allies at Amazon Watch, helped  fa cilitate urgent meetings between Ecuadorian Indigenous leaders Gloria Ushigua, Patricia Gualinga, and  Blanca Chancosa  and representatives from the  UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues

The Ecuadorian women and their communities  are facing persecution and violence  as a result of their work as defenders of the land, fighting to stop oil extraction in the Amazon rainforest.

During critical meetings with Joan Carling,  Chandra Roy  Henriksen, and  Mirian Masaquiza,  th e women strategized on st eps to stop violence against peaceful protests and defend the rich cultural and ecologic heritage of their territories.  WECAN will continue to stand with our allies in Ecuador as we advocate for legal action  to address violence against women and uphold Indigenous rights and the protection of the Amazon rainforest.

Click here to learn more about the ongoing struggles for justice in Ecuador via a powerful declaration directly from the women on the frontlines. A WECAN solidarity statement is also included, which contains information on how you can sign on in support of the Indigenous women of Ecuador.
treatyHistoric Signing of the Indigenous Women of the Americas - Defend Mother Earth Treaty 
On Sunday, September 27th Indigenous Women of the Global North and South gathered in Central Park in New York City for a historic signing ceremony of the 'Indigenous Women of the America - Defenders of Mother Earth Treaty Compact 2015'.

There is so much hope, direction and power in this document. 
Participants pictured from left to right: Gloria Ushigua (Sapara), Janice Turner (Lenape), Casey Camp Horinek (Ponca Pa'tha'ta), Osprey Orielle Lake, Cherri Foytlin (Dine), Pennie Opal Plant (Yaqui, Choctaw, Cherokee), Patricia Gualinga (Kichwa de Sarayaku), Blanca Chancosa (Kichwa de Otavalo), and Leila Salazar-Lopez. Not pictured: Crystal Lameman (Beaver Lake Cree), Melina Laboucan Massimo (Lubicon Cree)

WECAN's Executive Director, Osprey Orielle Lake, was very honored to  be a participant in the ceremony and witness  for the signing of the treaty and has pledged support and solidarity with this effort.  We look forward to sharing further updates as they emerge.

Melina Lubicon Massimo speaks about her communities inspiring solar project in the middle of the tar sands during the 'Women Speak' event. Photo: Joan Beard
Indigenous women of the Americas announce their historic treaty. Photo: Emily Arasim
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seedsCall to Action for Living Seed & Living Soil
Dr. Vandana Shiva has released a call to action in celebration of Earth Democracy and living seeds, soils, and communities.

Click here for more information about events in your area and how to take action October 2-16th.
signdecSign & Share the  Women's Climate Declaration
Photo by Lori Waselchuk
Click here to read, sign, and share the Women's Climate Declaration This vital women's climate justice manifesto was drafted by more than 100 women leaders from around the world, and is available in Arabic, Spanish, French, Italian, and English. 

During the Global Women's Climate Justice Day of Action many allies took action to sign and share this document, bringing the aggregate of signatures from the 35 partners of the 'Movement to Action' campaign to over ten million! C ollected signatures will be delivered to world governments at COP21 climate negotiations in Paris  this  December.
cop21announceJoin WECAN at COP21 in Paris
WECAN International will be on the ground in Paris during COP21, advocating for climate justice both inside and outside of UN negotiations.

Click here for more information on our December 7th 'Women Leading Solutions on the Frontlines of Climate Change- Paris' event and the International Rights of Nature Tribunal, then  please stand with us by donating here to help support these events and bring women leaders to Paris to raise their voices at critical COP21 events and actions.

WECAN International is working to raise up women's voices for climate justice on the road to COP21 Paris & beyond.

 to support WECAN's work for climate justice and help bring frontline women leaders to critical actions and events at COP21 this December.


Thank you for your continued support of our work for climate justice and care for the Earth and all generations, 

 Osprey Orielle Lake and the WECAN International Team   

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