U.S. National Committee for UN Women
 Help women and girls caught in Hurricane Matthew's destructive path

Your support is urgently needed.  

On October 3rd,  Hurricane Matthew, the strongest hurricane to hit Haiti in almost a decade, caused death and devastation in Haiti. As of October 9, news outlets report  more than 900 deaths, while an outbreak of cholera in 3 southern towns has already killed 13 people and infected 62 others.

As many as 4 million people have been affected, many of them women and girls. Haiti has still not recovered from the 2010 earthquake that killed over 200,000 people, with an estimated 55,000 still living in temporary shelters. Many of these shelters have been damaged and destroyed in the hurricane.

Women in Haiti already experience discrimination, from high levels of violence to low levels of participation in political and economic decision-making. UN Women is committed to ensuring that this is not compounded in the aftermath of this tragedy and that women and girls receive the support they deserve.  Please help us support their work.


With your gift today, UN Women can:
  • Set up and run Women and Girls 'Oasis Centres' within select shelters and resettlement areas. These centres provide essential protection and support for women affected by Hurricane Matthew, including:  psychological support, education, trades training and cash-for-work programmes. 
  • Empower women to be leaders in rebuilding and recovery. By supporting Haitian women's organizations, we can ensure that their voices are heard at the highest levels in humanitarian coordination and planning.
  • Provide advocacy and technical guidance so that everyone working to help those affected in Haiti have a clear picture of the specific needs of women and girls. In this way we make sure that your contribution, and all dollars raised in relief for Haiti,  truly deliver results for women and girls.  

Every dollar counts.  Take action and make a donation now.  Please g ive help and hope to women and girls in Haiti who have been caught in Hurricane Matthew's destructive path.

Thank you,
Board President,
U.S. National Committee for UN Women 

P.S. The people of Haiti have been through so much and now tragedy has struck again. Let them know they are not alone. Please give now and let them know they are not alone.

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