Cambodian Community Dream Organization, Inc.
March 2018 Dream Journal
‘Women are the World’s Mother’
… was one of the cute and meaningful slogans that our school kids thought of when they participated in our annual Women’s Day march. Another favorite was: Blessed are those that care for Wife/Daughter/Mother, and Men Can’t Live Without Women. These were the messages that the children took to the villages for women and men to remind them of the importance of living together in harmony.
At CCDO, we value gender equality and are constantly reminding the students of their value as boys, girls and students. We have regular puberty classes for boys and girls and promote understanding of and respect for each other. We are lucky we can model such behavior with the gender balanced staff and dedicated volunteers. The students can see them working together as equal partners.

At this time we are looking to again work on addressing a big issue impacting predominantly girls and young women human trafficking . We have somewhat simplified our comic booklet Phea’s Dream and are planning to reprint it to be used in our Anti-trafficking workshops at schools and with parents.

Printing a copy of a 24-page booklet costs $1.00
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World Water Day
On March 22nd we will celebrate another important day—World Water Day. We are continuing to build and repair water wells outside the scope of our original community.

We also put a large emphasis on complementary programs: distribution of Water filters, hand washing Tippy Taps and Hygiene workshops in the community. 
Volunteers & Staff
Love has struck our wonderful WASH coordinator, Mora Ry, and he is following his heart to live in Phnom Penh, as is the cultural tradition to start the newlywed life with the wife’s family. He will be missed as he has made a big impact on our organization in the 10 months that he diligently worked for CCDO.

We say a fond goodbye to our volunteer Nicolas, who has worked with us for 3 months on a number of projects. We look forward to continue our relationship as he is becoming our CCDO ambassador in France

Thanks to our Donors
The continued support of Kevin & Beth Hoffman with an additional generous $5,000 donation is a blessing. It will help our Education Department continue to provide quality learning materials and livable salaries for our teachers. It is a common practice for teachers to take evening jobs to make ends meet. 

We are very grateful for our monthly donors. Francesco Angelone has kept up his commitment of $500 a month to fund our preschool programs.

Our newest partners Together We Can Change The World has sponsored another
7 wells.

Our long time partners Bastion Foundation have a new website. Check out all the good works they do around the world. 
Lisa & Scott Geary of California, now living in Hong Kong, came to visit our schools bearing a special snack of healthy fruits. Through their spreading word in their expat community, we hope to soon receive more visitors from Hong Kong.