June Newsletter 2018

Moving from a climate of Misogyny to
Women’s Empowerment:

Throughout history,in many cultures including ours, women have been objectified, harassed, and exploited for sexual gain and power.

In recent weeks and months, we have been witnessing increasing numbers of women who have been harassed and sexually abused by men in positions of power holding them accountable for their actions. Our justice system, and society as a whole are finally supporting women speaking up for themselves and holding men who are sexual predators responsible for their behavior.

Why is this all happening now?

Women are coming together and saying "no more" when it comes to being belittled, objectified, harassed and exploited sexually. Why are all they coming forward now?

On April 27, 2018, 60 sexual abuse victims of longtime 'TV dad', Bill Cosby, celebrated a huge landmark victory when a jury found him guilty of three counts of aggravated indecent assault for drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand at his home in a Philadelphia suburb in 2004. She was just one of many who stood up against him during the first trial. He was tried again a second time and this time they won - the case was strengthened because five other women with similar accounts to Constand testifed. Upon hearing the verdict after the 2'nd trial, accuser Lili Bernard told NBC: “My faith in humanity is restored,” adding "the verdict is also a victory for all sexual assault survivors. It’s a victory for Womanhood.” 60 women have accused Bill Cosby of committing sexual assaults spanning decades.

"...the fact that he has been convicted...that's definitely an important moment in history." CNN's Aaron Cooper.

There is a new law, titled SB 813, passed in September, 2016 in California that eliminates the statute of limitations for rape and sexual assault . The fact that the justice system is now holding men who have committed crimes against women accountable is a huge victory.
A number of Cosby’s accusers testified before the California Legislature to support the bill, dubbed the Justice for Victims Act , before it made its way to Governor Brown’s desk.

Before, the statute of limitations for felony sex crimes in California was typically 10 years. Attorney Gloria Allred, who represented the accusers of Bill Cosby and met with key Brown advisors on the bill, hailed the governor’s decision to sign the bill into law. “The passage of this new law means that the courthouse doors will no longer be slammed shut in the face of rape victims,” Allred said. “It puts sexual predators on notice that the passage of time may no longer protect them from serious criminal consequences for their acts of sexual violence.”

On Friday May 27th, disgraced, renowned Hollywood producer and film mogul Harvey Weinstein, accused of numerous incidents of sexual assault and misconduct over many years turned himself in to authorities to face charges of sexual abuse and harassment from over 30 women and was arrested. As Ashley Judd penned in a powerful op-ed for Time about what his arrest means for the future of the #MeToo movement:

" And in this moment, in this era, that a powerful man who thrived and flourished in a culture of impunity was arrested and charged is resoundingly significant. It is a watershed event, an irreversible pivot away from tacit and explicit license to exploit to a ground of firmer boundaries and clarity about intolerable behavior no longer being tolerated .” Ashley Judd

Why is this so important?

These victories are a significant justice for all women and for anyone who has been a victim of harassment or sexual assault/abuse; however, there are countless others around the world who may not have the pedestal celebrity crimes give. There are many without a voice or the ability to speak up; and many haven’t felt safe and secure enough to do so - until now. The #MeToo movement is changing that.

Women are coming forward and sharing their experiences, embracing each other in camaraderie, and acknowledging eachothers experiences. Speaking about their experiences of abuse (and other topics) not only helps women who have been victimized, it also encourages those who may not have had the courage to publicly speak before now, gain the courage to do so.
Togetherness and a sense of unity creates a stronger force and with that, comes change.

As with all healing, support and acknowledgement of one's personal experience are the first steps toward mitigating symptoms of sexual assault and harassment. As women continue to own their voice and speak up and support eachother, they become stronger, individually and collectively. And as the men in their lives become more aware of how their words and actions impact the women in their lives, and women in general, they start to listen and become more supportive.

This shift in consciousness and behavior will have a large ripple effect on the rest of the world. Not only will this shift change the way sex crimes and injustices are perceived and dealt with, it will increase equality and respect between men and women, resulting in healthier relationships and a healthier society.

It is essential that women remember their self-care is just as important as the progression that society is seeing. Without those individual pieces, we cannot make up the whole picture or movement. It is paramount that women speak up for their own emotional health and express their feelings, especially if they have been hurt. The Pechet Healing Technique is a caring, accepting, and powerful tool that can be utilized to clear core issues and resolve manifestations of underlying trauma.

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About t he Pechet Healing Technique

An act of abuse never leaves a victim unless completely and energetically healed by an expert in the field. Traumatic experiences hinder one's self esteem, their personal growth and the capacity to have intimate relationships.
Unhealed victims of abuse often experience depression, loneliness and isolation. This lasting condition is called PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder).
The Pechet Healing Technique helps those suffering from PTSD or symptoms of trauma after sexual abuse by completely dissolving the core issues of abuse. P.H.T is a cutting edge, innovative technique that addresses each client's personal needs and experiences.

For over 32 years, Ellie Pechet, inventor of the Pechet Healing Technique, has healed many emotional and physical issues, including PTSD. Her high success rate at clearing sexual abuse speaks for itself. Victims do not need to suffer any longer because they become empowered. No matter what a client has experienced, when Ellie works with them, they are able to begin living their life happy, joyful, and free.

In every session, she dissolves the most significant core issue for that client as it presents itself to her based on the client's discussion and her intuition. the Working with clients is a team effort. Through counseling sessions, intuition, and clearing at the cellular level, each patient can expect to see lasting and permanent results. Additionally, quality of life will improve as symptoms subside. Life can and will be joyous again!

An example of a client who came to Ellie with date rape trauma:

While in college, a young woman was raped by another college student. He convinced her to have "one more drink", which he laced with a date rape drug. She periodically awoke during the night as he was raping her. For 10 years she suffered severe emotional trauma; she was hyper-vigilant, had major trust issues and chronic low self esteem. She was also too wounded to be able to enter into an intimate relationship. After Ellie worked with her for just 4 sessions using her Pechet Healing Technique, this young woman was healed. She became empowered, her confidence was restored and she became open to exploring relationships with members of the opposite sex.


"Anger, resentment, worry, fear, betrayal, grief....Divorce, remarriage, blended family, death, family dissension, alcohol abuse, insomnia...These are several of the issues I/we came to Ellie Pechet with in January 2018. I enlisted her services for my son (32), my daughter (37) and myself. It is now mid-April-and what seemed like a hopeless and potentially explosive situation has DRAMATICALLY improved.

To be able to experience the simple lightness of being without the heavy emotional weight of the trauma that has been present for the last 30 years for us has been an incredible experience in itself.

Ellie has perfected her technique and what she has accomplished with us in 3 months would have taken well over 10 years in traditional talk therapy…”
-Gwen, Tennessee

"I felt as though I had suddenly ‘learned’ how to let go of all my anxiety, and debilitating depression....my self-defeating thoughts and limitations. I suddenly had a knowledge and wisdom about myself and my situation, that I had no access to before. When I arrived to the session, I was overwhelmed, and certain of my ‘failure’ in everyday life....But towards the end of my session with Ellie, I felt confident and was planning my positive and productive future!"

"She is genuine and gets to the root of the issue every session, to help you experience instant and lasting results. I feel an immense positive change from when we started working together and love the fact that I am experiencing lasting results. I highly recommend her!"
To help fellow Sisters turn the corner of pain & trauma from sexual harassment or abuse, I'd like to offer this special to you so you can live a happy and full life - free from suffering.

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My mission is to entirely remove the blocks that prevent my clients from accessing their authentic self on a continual basis. As they release the self-imposed prison of issues from the past, they are able to intuitively handle situations that previously baffled them.

The Pechet Healing Technique offers you freedom, empowerment, and the ability to fulfill your divine purpose.

Every time I clear an issue you have been holding in your entire being...and it may not be something you think of every day, but you are still getting triggered by outside people, places and things that "set you off" or cause you to shut down...the more issues I clear for you for good, the lighter you feel, and the higher your vitality is.

What happens as a natural outcome of increasing your vitality and positive feelings? You feel better, you enjoy life more and best of all, you have more to give others - love, humor, assistance, support. You start to become more willing to go the extra mile because you have it to give. Now, more than ever, we are being called to show up.