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Women's Earth & Climate Action Network Newsletter
November 12,  2015
Dear Friends and Allies,

In a few short weeks, the Women's Earth and Climate Action Network will be on the ground in Paris, France for the UNFCCC COP21 climate negotiations.

We are encouraged to see very strong advocacy from many diverse sectors working together to push governments to act boldly and within a climate justice framework - however thus far, government commitments are not ambitious enough
given the depth of the crisis we face. As such, we are seizing this historical moment to bring women's voices, struggles, and solutions to the forefront of this global platform. The small window of opportunity for acting on climate change is already upon us - now is the time for climate justice and systemic change.

Alongside many allies, WECAN will be raising this message loud and clear both inside COP21 negotiations with the Women and Gender Constituency, and at outside events and on the streets with the people's movements. We are working diligently to bring Indigenous and grassroots women who are on the frontlines of climate change to Paris to speak for themselves at this critical moment. Please donate here to support WECAN's efforts during COP21.

Explore our November newsletter for a look into upcoming events, ways to engage with COP21 from wherever you live, and exciting news from our WECAN DR Congo and WECAN Latin America regional programs.
dec7Women Leading Solutions on the Frontlines of Climate Change - Paris
Join WECAN in Paris on Dec. 7 for an extraordinary gathering of worldwide women leaders joined in solidarity to speak out against environmental and social injustice, draw attention to root causes of the climate crisis, and present the diverse array of visions and strategies with which they are working to shape a healthy and equitable world.

'Women Leading Solutions on the Frontlines of Climate Change - Paris' is free and open to the public. English-Spanish-French translation will be available.  Learn more, view the line-up of outstanding speakers, and register here .
Rights of Nature Tribunal
On Dec. 4 and 5 the Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature will convene the International Rights of Nature Tribunal in Paris. The Tribunal is a unique forum allowing leaders to testify publicly about violations of Nature and their communities, while advancing an alternative legal framework for living in harmony with the Earth.

WECAN serves on the Steering Committee for the  Global Alliance, and  our Executive Director  will serve as a judge for the climate change case during proceedings.

Learn more and register for the Tribunal here. We also invite you to support Rights of Nature in Paris by sharing and giving to the crowd-funding campaign here.
DRCongoudateWECAN Women Lead First Reforestation Effort in Itombwe, Democratic Republic of Congo
After over a year of dedication to trainings, workshops, and the creation of a native tree nursery, the women involved in the WECAN DR Congo/SAFECO program were recently able to bring local officials to visit their site and learn about their critical work to reforest Itombwe rainforest, grow women's leadership, and protect the Traditional Ecologic Knowledge of the region's peoples.

Read the full blog and explore powerful photos here.
Women's Climate Action Agenda
The WECAN International network has a powerful climate justice action plan, and we are taking it to COP21 climate negotiations and beyond. 

The comprehensive agenda includes new sections on health  and  climate, and  trade  and  climate finance -  as well as updated analysis around women  and  climate change, and chapters on extractive energy a nd a jus t transition to 100% renewable energy, forests  and  biodiversity, ocean s and  fresh water, seeds  and  agriculture, cities  and  ecovillages, Indigenous Rights, Rights of Nature, and shifting cultural narratives.
declarationnewSign & Share the 
Women's Climate Declaration
Photo by Lori Waselchuk

The Women's Climate Declaration will be delivered with collected signatures to world governments at COP21 this December. The aggregate of signatures from the 35 partners of the 'Movement to Action' campaign is now over ten million!  

This vital women's climate justice manifesto was drafted by more than 100 women leaders from around the world, and is available in Arabic, Spanish, French, Italian, and English. 

In This Issue 
Top: Dr.Vandana Shiva & Dr.Jane Goodall speak at WECAN's International Women's Earth & Climate Summit. Photo: Lori Waselchuk

 Bottom: Gloria Ushigua of Ecuador speaks at a WECAN COP20 event.
WECANLACNews from WECAN Latin America & Carribean
The Andean Walk for the Climate

On Nov. 21 WECAN Latin America leaders will help facilitate the Andean Walk for the Climate - as a part of which participants will hike to the former  glacier Wila Malkisiñani outside of La Paz, Bolivia to visualize the impacts of climate change, grow climate awareness amongst Bolivians, and call for real action from world governments. Learn more here.

Bolivian Leaders Speak for Climate Justice

Click here to watch and hear directly from allies in Bolivia standing for climate justice and speaking out about government action to open protected areas to extractive industries.

Top: WECAN DR Congo woman plants a tree during the reforestation ceremony

B ottom: SAFECO Director & WECAN DR Congo Coordinator, Neema Namadamu, teaches & reflects with the women after the government official's visit to their tree nursery in Itombwe, DR Congo
appealWomen & Climate Appeal to UN COP21 Negotiators
The  High Council for Gender Equality in France has launched an appeal to COP21 negotiators to demand that gender quality and human rights be integrated into the Paris Agreement.

Learn more and add your voice  here
KXLNo KXL!  WECAN Celebrates People Power Victory

Last week, US President Obama rejected the Keystone XL pipeline.  We thank our courageous and outstanding allies for years of determined efforts, particularly our Indigenous brothers and sisters, and rancher and farmers on the frontlines who made this victory possible.

Read our full statement, 'Women for Climate Justice Celebrate KXL Victory & Look To The Future' here.

WECAN International is working to raise up women's voices for climate justice at COP21 Paris and beyond.

 to support our work for climate justice and help bring frontline women leaders to critical actions and events this December.
Thank you for your continued support of our work for climate justice and care for the Earth and all generations, 
 Osprey Orielle Lake and the WECAN International Team  
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