A Postcard and a Prayer from 
Mennonite Women USA: February 2017
Empower Me
by Marian Brendle Hostetler

Merciful God,
your compassion touches me, consumed in my        own agenda;
my outlook is refreshed, making me whole.
Show me the way of mercy for others.
Gracious God,
gently you accept the broken fragments I offer,
weaving them into your global work of reconciliation.
Increase my capacity to grace others.
Faithful God,
as you constantly attend to my journey,
your familiar voice strengthens, challenges and consoles.
May I also walk faithfully with others.
Forgiving God,
you offer pardon freely,
moving me on to new levels of commitment.
Empower my heart to forgive others.
Loving God,
your steadfast, unending care for me
is overwhelming!
Walk with me to live in harmony and love with all people. Amen.

Marian Hostetler grew up in eastern Pennsylvania, is married to Darrel, and they have four living  children, ten grands and five great-grands. They live at Greencroft in Goshen, IN. She is retired from  various pursuits, the most recent being as a spiritual director. She served as Executive Secretary of  WMSC from 1987 to 1996. She is also a contributor to the winter issue of Timbrel. 
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