Pink Boots Society
February 15, 2011

For Immediate Release
Lisa Morrison

Pink Boots Society�

Barley's Angels, International Network of
Women's Consumer Beer Clubs to Launch

Portland, Oregon - February 15, 2011 -



Butt-kicking female beer advocates across the globe are poised for the weekend of February 18-20 to launch their own special brand of justice for the artisan beer world through the simultaneous launch of...

Barley's Angels™


The Primary Mission
From the UK to Canada, and the United States to Australia, some of the world's leading beer experts have decided it's time to get women all over the globe enjoying incredible brews.

These experts will invite their fellow females to learn the truth about great beer, helping them unmask the incredible flavors found in these artisan products and bashing down the doors of beer prejudice wherever they find them.


Lisa Morrison, Oregon Chapter Archangel explains, "The point about Barley's Angels is to ensure that women have a great, friendly environment in which to learn more about the world's greatest beers and chart their own course of discovery."


Melissa Cole, London Chapter Archangel added, "There's so much fabulous flavour to experience, so many great food matches to enjoy and new friends to find in the craft beer world that it would be a crime for women to miss out."


Mission: Make It-Possible
The second part of the Barley's Angels™ mission is to raise funds for the Pink Boots Society, an international trade association of women beer professionals, dedicated to furthering women's careers in beer brewing and the beer industry through scholarships and support networks.

Teri Fahrendorf, President of Pink Boots Society� stated, "Women attending their first Barley's Angels chapter meeting will enjoy a welcome environment connecting beer, food, beer history, and women's role in it. They'll have the opportunity to make connections through Barley's Angels worldwide communities when traveling, and will enjoy the camaraderie of new women friends over a pint of fine beer."


She continued, "I believe that women are developing our own beer culture that is strongly related to communication and community. Women's beer appreciation perhaps has less to do with alcohol and bittering rates, and more to do with balance, flavor, and a growing knowledge of women's historical role as the first beer brewers."


Lisa Morrison, Director of the Barley's Angels™ program added, "Ladies, it's time we got our malty mojo back."


Notes to editors:
You are welcome to send a journalist and photographer (of either gender) along to any of the launch events, or any of our future events, just contact the Archangels (Chapter Leaders) listed below to schedule.

And while we've got you, we just want to say that although this press release has a light-hearted tone, we are serious about beer education. The women involved in this movement are some of the leading lights in brewing, beer writing, broadcasting, and beer education in the world and are very professional and passionate about their subject. This is not a gimmick.


For a high-resolution version of the Barley's Angels™ logo or for any further comment please contact Lisa Morrison, Director, at or 503-347-2040.

Archangels of the Launch: Beer Experts in Action


Sydney (New South Wales), Australia

Beer Diva Chapter
Kirrily Waldhorn, 

Launch: Friday February 18 in Sydney

Australia's first lady of beer, Kirrily Waldhorn, aka Beer Diva is a beer presenter, consultant, writer, occasional brewer and judge, who is introducing Australians to the benefits of pouring fine beers at the dinner table, winning over many foodies, sophisticates and women to the complexities and diverse styles of beer, through her company Beer Diva. Visit Kirrily online at  for more information.


London (England), United Kingdom

London Chapter

Melissa Cole, 

Launch: London

Melissa Cole is our London operative - the UK's leading female beer writer, broadcaster and all-round advocate she not only lives and breathes beer, she even goes around the country brewing the stuff. Visit Melissa online at  for more information.


Toronto (Ontario), Canada

Toronto Chapter

Mirella Amato, 

Launch: Sunday February 20 at The Twisted Kilt, Toronto

Mirella Amato is our Toronto operative - This tireless beer advocate is Canada's first female Certified Cicerone� and one of only ten National level beer judges in the country. Mirella regularly leads fun and informative guided beer tasting sessions, workshops and seminars and teaches sensory evaluation of beer at the Canadian Food and Wine Institute. You will often hear her on CBC radio and she is published in a number of magazines and brewspapers. You can find Mirella at , or visit her online at  for more information.


Vancouver (British Columbia), Canada

Pink Pints Chapter

Lundy Dale, 

Launch: Saturday February 19 at 6:30PM, The Whip Restaurant ~ .
Lundy Dale is our Vancouver operative - This tenacious beer advocate has been a member of CAMRA BC (Campaign for Real Ale) for 10 years. In 2003 she founded the Vancouver branch and started the first "Real Ale" cask program in the city. In her new role as CAMRA BC President she continues to spread the world of real ale and craft beer to anyone that will listen. Visit Lundy online at  for more information.


Portland (Oregon), USA

Beer O'Clock Chapter

Lisa Morrison, 
Launch: Sunday, February 20, 2-5pm at Fort George Brewery & Public House in Astoria, Oregon.

Lisa 'the Beer Goddess' Morrison - The co-founder and Director of Barley's Angles International, Lisa is a predominant beer writer in the United States. She hosts and produces a weekly radio show, "Beer O'Clock!" which can be found on ,  and iTunes. Her first book, "Craft Beers of the Pacific Northwest," will be released in spring. Talk beer to Lisa at  or visit her online at for more information.

Coming in May:

Buenos Aires
(CBD), Argentina

BA Malt Chapter

Carolina Perez,


Portland (Oregon), USA

Craft Brew Cast Chapter
Christine Jump,

Already Launched in January at Rogue Ales Public House, Portland, Oregon.

Visit Christine online at for more information.

The mission of the Pink Boots Society�  is to inspire, encourage and empower women to become professionals and advance their careers in the Beer Industry, mainly through education.  
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