Women's Connection 2021

August 13-15, 2021
Workshops open early June! If you have already registered for Women's Connection you will be sent an early workshop sign-up form. Workshop sign-ups are first come first served, so be ready to sign up when you register for the conference!
Visit our website and click on the "Covid Questions" tab to review our current Covid protocols for this event. We are continuing to update our protocols as we move into summer per CDC and North Carolina state guidelines.
Rev. Dr. Alice Ridgill
Rev. Dr. Frances Taylor Gench
Bible Study Leader
Jen Hatmaker
Word Wise:
Encountering the Word that Draws Us In and Sends Us Out

“Words are my first love, because they matter. Words actually change lives, move people, sustain us. They take us to another world when we need to go and bring us home when we need to come back. Whatever you need, words can deliver: laughter, solidarity, encouragement, thrill, courage, silliness, spirit. I have been a reader and writer my entire life, and every single day I marvel that I get to make a living with words. I hope to use them for beauty and Jesus and life. I hope to make them count.”
– Jen Hatmaker
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