August 2023

Women's Equality Day: STA Women of the Board Reflect

This Saturday, August 26 is Women's Equality Day, which honors the anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment, officially giving women the right to vote in the United States. While incredible strides have been made since then, the fight for women's equality continues around the world, including within our own industry.

As leaders and role models for women in financial services, we asked the women of the STA Board to share what equality means to them:

"For me, the day a woman ceases to think about inequality is going to be a new day to celebrate the achievement of equality. In finance and industries beyond, companies have to recognize the unique needs of women throughout their professional lives and provide them the right tools to succeed."

- Inessa Ruffman, JonesTrading, STA WIF Chair

"Women’s Equality Day to me represents how everyone should act every day. Everyone should be equally heard, paid, promoted and considered."

- Stephanie Minister, LiquidityBook, STA Governor

"Equality to me is hiring the best person for the job regardless of gender or race and being compensated based on the role, not a person’s gender. Equality is being asked for my opinion rather than having to offer it, and my contributions being considered in earnest as my male colleagues would be."

- Paula Sexsmith, Viewpoint Investment Partners, STA Governor

"No matter the cause, having the courage to fight for women's equality is the first and most important step."

- Erin Kelly, STA

"To me, Women's Equality Day represents our continued work toward equal career opportunities. We need to continue this journey until women are paid on par with their male counterparts and have the same prospects for advancement."

- Kate McAllister, Global Liquidity Partners, STA Past Chair

"For me, the core of Women's Equality Day is around equal compensation and opportunity based on ability - not gender."

- Patricia Koetzner, Siebert Williams Shank & Co, STA Governor

8th Annual STA Women in Finance Symposium

Featuring Keynote Speaker

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Managing Director, Head of Global Commission Management and Hedge Fund Services

Bank of America Securities

Wednesday, Oct. 11

11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

JW Marriott Washington DC

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