Our Women's Fund Grant cycle is changing.

Our Women's Fund Steering Committee is taking bold and strategic steps to meet the needs of working women by expanding access to affordable, quality childcare in Ashland County.

The committee has identified childcare as its funding priority this year. This year's grants will be made solely in the area of childcare.

We want to bring this change to your attention because we recognize this may impact your plans to apply for a Women's Fund Grant in 2021.

Childcare-related requests

All Women's Fund grant requests in the current grant cycle should be aimed at launching new childcare initiatives, or expanding upon or strengthening current childcare offerings. 

If such an initiative falls within your organization's mission and goals, please consider applying for a Women's Fund grant at by the May 15 deadline. While no minimums or maximums are defined, grant awards will likely be in the $1,000-$5,000 range. 

Other grant requests

Ashland County Community Foundation remains committed to meeting the varied needs of all residents of our community, including women.

Requests that would typically be considered for funding in our Women's Fund Grants cycle may be submitted for our Community Grants cycle in the fall. For more information about all our annual grant cycles, visit ashlandforgood.org/grants.

If your organization has more immediate funding needs outside the area of childcare, feel free to contact us to discuss your options. We have limited opportunities available for strategic grant funding outside our annual grant cycles, as well as possible funding from individual donors who have established donor advised funds at ACCF.


If you have questions about Women's Fund Grants or other ACCF funding options, please contact:

Kristin Aspin, Chief Program Officer
kristin@ashlandforgood.org or 419-281-4733

Mindy Howman, Office Administrator
mindy@ashlandforgood.org or 419-281-4733
Ashland County Community Foundation www.ashlandforgood.org