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  • Nonprofit, 501(c)(3), volunteer organization, est. 1993
  • Serving Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb counties
  • Helping over 18,000 infants, children, & adults year round
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February 2016
Women's Fund donates $2,500 to 
Assistance League® of Southeastern Michigan
to Help Sexual Abuse Victims
Assault Survivor Kits provide basic comfort and dignity
The Women's Fund, of the Community Foundation of Greater Rochester, generously donated $2,500 to Assistance League® of Southeastern Michigan  to provide Assault Survivor Kits®  for victims of sexual violence and domestic abuse in local hospitals.
"The harsh truth is that victims of rape and sexual abuse must leave their clothing with law enforcement officials as evidence. Survivor kits contain new clothing--including pants, underwear, socks and a top--and personal hygiene products, so these already devastated women have something clean and comfortable to wear home," said Marjorie DiLiddo, Assistance League president-elect, who accepted the donation from the Women's Fund. "Without these clothes, women would have to leave in a hospital gown. We hope to preserve their dignity, provide some comfort, and let them know that somebody cares."
Pamela Bilodeau, secretary of the Women's Fund Advisory Board, presented the $2,500 check to Assistance League, saying this program supports the basic objective of the Women's Fund: to help women in need. "We are committed to helping the women in our community who need our assistance," Bilodeau said. "The Women's Fund has supported this extremely worthwhile cause before, and we are proud to lend a hand again."
Unfortunately, hospitals have asked for additional survivor kits in children's sizes, since they have seen an increase in sexual abuse of minors too. "It's a sad reality, but we hope to provide a little hope and assistance," DiLiddo said.
Each year, nearly 1,000 women discreetly receive an Assault Survivor Kit from Assistance League, which partners with 37 hospitals and trauma centers across Michigan to ensure that victims' basic and immediate needs are met.
Pamela Bilodeau, from The Women's Fund, presents a $2,500 donation to Marjorie DiLiddo, representing Assistance League of Southeastern Michigan. 
Assistance League of Southeastern Michigan, founded in 1993 and serving Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb counties, is a nonprofit, all-member volunteer organization whose purpose is to clothe, feed, educate and comfort children and adults through community-based programs.
For more information, please visit Assistance League ReSale Connection, 204 S. Main St., Rochester, 248-656-0414, or  Assistance League of Southeastern Michigan.