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May 1st 2014
Join Lake County Right to Life Tomorrow at UH Main Campus
Sallee, Denver   

May 2, Friday. Save the date! You are invited to attend aprayerful witnessat the University Hospitals main campus at 11100 Euclid Ave as we go public with the facts of University Hospital's (UH) involvement in Cleveland's abortion cartel. UH employs abortionists who work at Preterm where a 22-year-old woman and her reportedly late-term baby died at their hands on March 21. UH works in cooperation with Preterm to train future abortionists who surgically and chemically destroy innocent children. Five notorious local abortionists are listed on the teaching faculty of UH. It is absurd that a hospital that is renowned for saving premature babies is complicit in killing them. in paraphrasing Edmund Burke, all that it takes for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing.  Now is the time to end the slaughter of little children.  The event will run from 11 am-1pm.

Planned Parenthood to Give YOU Advice on Women's Health Care!


Dear Pro-Lifers,
Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, will be hosting a major Planned Parenthood fundraiser in Cleveland on May 7, 2014. No doubt, she has tactfully chosen her debut in Ohio to "kick-off" the 2014 General Election campaigns, as May 7th is the day immediately after the Primary Election. To see an online posting about the event, click

As you can imagine, we did not take this news lightly. How dare Mrs. Richards come into our state and host a fundraiser for the number one abortion provider in America in the very city LaKisha Wilson died? (Read more here.) Despite the fact that Mrs. Richards has three of her own children, she still feels it acceptable to come into Ohio and advocate for abortion on demand without apology. How hypocritical.

Needless to say, she won't be leaving Ohio without hearing from us-but we need your help.Several prolife and Right to Life groups from around Ohio will be hosting a joint event to speak out against Planned Parenthood. Friends, we want to show Mrs. Richards that she and the pro-abortion lobby will not prevail. She needs to hear our message that our pro-life success we've had over the past several years is here to stay. Will you join us?

Who:    Right to Life and pro-life groups in Ohio - you, and your pro-life friends and family!

What:   Rally outside Mrs. Richards' fundraiser at Cleveland City Tower

When:  Wednesday, May 7, 2014 -The fundraiser begins at noon, so be there around 11:30 with plans to stay until approximately 1:30

Where:  230 W Huron Rd #7273, Cleveland, OH 44113

Why:     Let Mrs. Richards and the rest of the pro-choice lobby know that LIFE will win!

We will have appropriate signs available. Our goal here is to highlight their extremism and their hypocrisy while shining light on the pro-life laws and cultural advancements Ohio has made in recent years with your help!

Please RSVP your participation to this unique opportunity to stand for life by Monday May 5th so Right to Life groups can plan their signs accordingly.



For Life,

Molly Smith

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