Happy New Year from Fair Oaks Women's Health !
Dear Patients, Colleagues and Friends of FOWH,
I would like to take this opportunity to stress the importance of a Well-Woman exam. During your well-woman exam we ask you about your menstrual cycles, and we inquire about your family history, your recent past medical history and any unusual symptoms you might be having.

We check your vital signs, do a complete gyn physical exam and perform a pap smear if necessary. We recommend screening and/or diagnostic testing appropriate to your age, family history, and any symptoms you tell us about.

Perhaps you have various symptoms causing distress such as low libido, painful sex, or hormone problems. There are new treatments available for these disorders. Keep reading to learn about new developments (and some not so new) in Women's Health.
Pap Smear and HPV Vaccine
When is the last time you had a pap smear or a pelvic exam? Should you be tested for HPV as well? Did you know the HPV vaccine is now FDA-approved until age 45? Read about Gardasil 9 .
Mirena IUD
Are you in need of reliable birth control? Millions of women in the US use progesterone-releasing IUD’s which are not only over 99% effective in pregnancy prevention, but they also lead to extremely light menstrual flow for years. More than 20 years of data supports the Mirena IUD (the first progesterone IUD) as a very safe and highly effective birth control option. Read about the Mirena IUD.
3D Mammography
Are you due or perhaps overdue for a mammogram? Did you know that 3D screening mammograms are now available providing better accuracy, earlier detection of abnormalities, and a lower chance of having to return for additional imaging? Read about 3D mammogram available at the Randall Breast Imaging Center.
Bone Density
Are you due for a bone density X-Ray? Did you know there are no symptoms of osteoporosis (or osteopenia which means low bone density), and there are no blood tests that can help detect loss of bone, an extremely common occurrence in women starting as early as age 40? The only way to know your bone density is have a DEXA (or DXA). Should you? Read about DXA scans, available at the Randall Women’s Imaging Center.
Hereditary Cancer Testing
Do you have close relatives with cancer? In particular, do you have a family history of breast, ovarian or colon cancer? Did you know there is an inexpensive blood test to check to see if you harbor a cancer-causing DNA mutation? Maybe you should have a DNA cancer genomics panel blood test. Read about the Color test .
Cologuard - An Alternative to Colonoscopy
Are you due for colonoscopy which should be done at age 50? Only 20% of adults eligible for this life-saving test actually get one. Did you know that there is now an FDA-approved painless alternative method for screening for colon cancer or precancerous conditions with a simple test conducted in the privacy of your home? This test has an 80% probability of being negative and a negative result means that you have 3 more years before you need to repeat the test or have a colonoscopy. Read about Cologuard.
Low Libido
Are you bothered by diminished sex drive, also called low libido? Did you know that in 2019 a new FDA-approved medication was released proven to boost libido (significantly!) in most women who use it?
Painful Sex
Are you post-menopausal and suffering from vaginal dryness, vaginal burning and/or painful sexual intercourse? If you think the only treatment for these symptoms is hormones, you might be surprised (and pleased) to know that vaginal laser has been used for more than five years for this problem. Read about Valayza and the MonaLisa Touch laser available at Fair Oaks Women's Health .
Hormone Problems
Have you started to experience hormone problems or symptoms of hormone imbalance? Decreased libido, low energy, inadequate sleep, dry skin, loss of muscle tone, weakness, hot flashes, or irregular periods are all symptoms of possible loss or fluctuation of hormones. These symptoms can occur as early as age 40, years before menopause. Read more about hormone evaluation and treatments from Pasadena Pellet Therapy, available in our office.
New! Thread Lifts
Are you starting to notice more facial lines, wrinkles or drooping of skin? In addition to the use of Botox and fillers, did you know that a simple new procedure called a “thread lift” can provide results similar to a face lift with minimal pain or down-time. Available now at Marina’s Oasis .
We have an App for Ob Sono Images!
For those who get obstetrical ultrasounds from us, we have implemented cloud-based image storage with Trice Imaging . Our OB patients can now view their obstetrical ultrasound images on their smartphone or device. Once downloaded, the images can be shared with anyone.
Our Mission Statement

At Fair Oaks Women’s Health our mission is “to provide exceptional, personalized women’s health care in a warm and welcoming environment, to incorporate modern technology in our practice and to be at the forefront of knowledge in our field.”

One way we do this is by keeping up with the many new developments in women’s health. Call us at (626) 304-2626 for your well-woman appointment or send us a message or an e-mail. We would love to see you !
Thank You to Our Patients!
Thank you for trusting us with your women’s health needs, your prenatal care, and the birth of your precious, sweet babies! Stay warm, stay safe, and stay healthy this holiday season and have a wonderful Happy New Year!

Bryan S. Jick MD FACOG