Radical Self-Love this Winter | PCHHC 2020
Receiving and Showing Love

We are kicking off this last issue of 2020 focusing on the 'power of radical self-love' as described by Sonya Renee Taylor in her book, The Body Is Not An Apology.

This year has forced many into a time of self-reflection and of facing hard truths about ourselves and how we are seen by others. This book is powerful, and the website has a wealth of resources. If you want a quick overview, Sonya has recorded a wonderful podcast interview with Brene Brown. Sonya Renee Taylor emphasizes that self-care can’t happen alone. Allowing others to serve and show their care to you allows you to more deeply care for yourself. She highlights the many ways our bodies can be 'othered' based on how we look and who we love. She talks about the connection between how we think about our bodies and oppression. Her current book is on backorder, but you can listen to it on Kindle. She has an updated version of the book set to launch early in 2021. She also has a tween/teen companion book called Celebrate Your Body.
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