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As March draws to a close, we also say goodbye to Women's History Month. While the end of Women's History Month is upon us, that does not mean we can't continue to celebrate women and their history all year! So, take some time today, tomorrow and whenever to celebrate women and their history month with the links provided below.


International Women's Day is a well-known commodity, but Women's History Month is unfortunately not as widely celebrated. Change that today and learn more about the special month! History.com provides a fantastic breakdown of the introduction of the national week as it evolved from just a day, to a week, to a full month and highlights those who helped get it there. From Susan B. Anthony to Rosa Parks to Kamala Harris, women are breaking barriers and making history every day.

History.com - Women's History Month
Women's History Timeline

Each year, Women's History Month adopts a yearly theme. The themes are chosen and celebrated by the National Women's History Alliance (NWHA). For 2021 they decided the theme would be "Valiant Women of the Vote: Refusing to Be Silenced". With a focus on the battle for women's suffrage, this month is all about the women who battled for all women to have basic rights. Learn more about the 2021 theme at the NWHA website and the History.com links below.

National Women's History Alliance
History.com Women's Suffrage

With so much to learn regarding Women's history, we are blessed with website's who assist in that pursuit. With extensive amounts of information and links to sites containing more of it, womenshistorymonth.gov is a one-stop shop for everything to do with the national month. Learn about the history, exhibits, collections, audio and video that all help us celebrate the women around us and those that made the history. Don't make the mistake of leaving this email without learning a great deal about the strength that women possess.

Women's History Month Website
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