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Visits to the Past & Honoring Our Gravesites
First, a tip of the hat to Tennessee’s Harry Burn! On August 18th, 1920, Burn put the Tennessee legislature into the column of states ratifying the 19th Amendment--by one vote! In fact, he made Tennessee the necessary 36th and met the constitutional requirement that three quarters of U.S. states must ratify any proposed constitutional amendment. Thank his mother! And read about this precious suffrage story here
1920 letter from Harry Burn's mother
Scholars have speculated that had Burn not voted as he did in 1920, we would not be celebrating the centennial of the universal right of the vote this year; in fact, they think that voting rights might not have been granted American women until after WWII. Because of Harry’s mum, however, we celebrate Equality Day every year as the date the 19th Amendment became the law of the land: August 26th! Here's to Harry & his mum!
"Suffragist" masked in 2020
Relax at Rosa
Thursday, August 20th, Noon to 1:30pm
Grand Rapids Art Museum Patio

Join us tomorrow at Relax at Rosa! Every Thursday local food trucks and entertainment are on site at Rosa Parks Circle; and tomorrow we will be there, too! Look for ladies in the hats! And masks!
Watch for our circulating She Couldn’t Vote. You Can! placards; visit our table on the GRAM patio for more information about local women suffragists; and preview our centennial grave-decorating project to celebrate them on August 26th. To honor our local suffragists, the GGRWHC has selected a dozen suffragist gravesites in Fulton Street and Oakhill South cemeteries for recognition.

Details about Here Lies a Suffragist can be found on the tours page of our website. Check it out and make plans! Gravesites at Fulton Street and Oakhill South cemeteries will be marked by purple balloons; and we ask you to take a flower and record your visit with a photo emailed to us or posted on our Facebook page. 
Gravesite of suffragist Emily Burton Ketcham
GGRWHC Banner for 2020
During this challenging year, the Greater Grand Rapids Women’s History Council pivoted to virtual salutes after losing in-person programming during the centennial year of the 19th Amendment. We especially regret the loss of our blow-out event at St. Cecilia, planned for August 26th; but we rededicated ourselves to honoring virtually this summer the long and costly battle for the universal right to vote, at the same time we have paused to reconsider how to more fully and effectively embrace all of our community’s women’s histories.

Michigan Women's Commission event on August 26th

You’re not seeing double! The title of our year-long celebration—Her VOICE Her VOTE--has been a good one. And we’re happy to see it out in the world furthering the cause! Peruse the lists of virtual programs offered nationally and statewide on August 26th and mark your calendars-- but decorate suffragist graves locally!

Gravesite of suffragist Emily Burton Ketcham
Please continue to celebrate with the Greater Grand Rapids Women’s History Council virtually and in print! Watch for us via this electronic newsletter, follow us on Facebook, find our monthly features in Women’s Lifestyle Magazine, and sign up for our hard-copy newsletter, if you haven’t already – at! Stay tuned, stay safe, and stay exercised!
Stay home and stay safe--but celebrate with us virtually and in print! 
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Hats off to the historical women who have shaped West Michigan!
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