"…the gospel of the glory of the blessed God with which I have been entrusted. I thank Him who has given me strength, Christ Jesus our Lord, because He judged me faithful, appointing me to His service…" (1 Timothy 1:11-12).

If you had grown up in the Hodge household, you would have regularly heard, "All of life is stewardship!" We like to define stewardship as something of inestimable value entrusted by the King to be invested for kingdom purposes. How about you? What are the gospel deposits that have been placed in your head, hands, and heart? Do you appreciate the vast personal and corporate riches entrusted to you to invest for God's glory? A steward's chief responsibility is to be faithful to the Master.

"Entrusted to be invested" is a short little phrase that will guide us as we study together this summer. We want to invite you to gather a group of women to study the pastoral epistle, 1 Timothy, alongside the other women across the PCA. In this short book, Paul highlights the doctrinal riches entrusted to Timothy and the church leaders at Ephesus and then challenges them—and us—to invest and embody them in such a way that the world leans in and looks to determine whether the gospel is believable and beautiful. Would you consider investing six weeks this summer towards strengthening your church? Everything kicks off June 9!

It is my prayer this study will help you to . . .

  • RECALL that the riches found in God's Word have been entrusted to you personally and corporately.
  • REMEMBER to pray earnestly for the peace and purity of your church and ask God to strengthen your leaders.
  • REFLECT the characteristics of the Covenant in the context of your community: your home, neighborhood, workplace, and church.
  • RADIATE a Spirit-empowered, gospel-shaped godliness in your words and deeds so that as the world leans in and looks, they will consider whether the gospel is both believable and beautiful. 
  • REALIGN yourself to God's blueprint for His Bride and ask that He would build a sound and healthy Church beginning with your own repentance and faith. 
  • RELINQUISH any personal preferences or false teaching and consider the riches that have been entrusted to you so you may seek, by God's grace, to be faithful to invest it for His glory and the good of the Church. 

For the beauty of His Bride,

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