March 8 was International Women’s Day. In the US, all of March is Women’s History Month. Over a million businesses are owned by women. I’m one of them. And the secret to my success over the last 20-plus years isn’t a secret at all: it’s networking.
Women are the most reliable source of counseling, training, contracting assistance, and other services and programs available to help women start, grow, expand, and recover their businesses.
After all, we’ve been sharing sources on how to do almost everything since communities began. We know what we’re about and we’re comfortable giving and getting help.

Our first source was the National Association of Women Business Owners. Then came Chambers of Commerce with great gatherings of both genders and especially groups of women. In recent years we’ve benefitted from the information and friendship found in groups like Women Belong and Exclusive Professional Women’s Networking Group. These last two groups started locally and now have an international membership.
Crain’s Chicago Business applauds women who network in the linked article. From one woman in business to another, open yourself to the power of networking. You’ll be opening yourself up to your own power.

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