In August 2019, when I last wrote a Women’s Ministry devotion, using Isaiah 43:19 as my guide, I was looking ahead to change. My daughter would graduate high school in 2020 and my life would look different. How innocent and distant that time now seems. Yet, that Isaiah passage still speaks helpful words for this time in our lives. Our God is making a way in the wilderness of our chaotic world. New things are springing up; do you not perceive it? Our schedules are free to connect with people in creative ways, where once we were too busy and tired to reach out. Our eyes are opened to injustice in our midst, where previously we were too self-focused to notice. We see and value the people who work in jobs we used to take for granted, like grocery clerks, nurses and teachers. We recognize the importance of our community, our church, our family, and the tender hug of a dear friend.