“The Word was the source of life, and this life brought light to the people."
John 1:4

I try to be a positive person but one of my flaws is being hesitant to welcome a person who makes me anxious. It is sometimes easier to be charitable to strangers than a person we know. I asked God to help me be an accepting, welcoming hostess this Christmas even though I wasn’t feeling it. Let everyone enjoy the food and let our time together be peaceful. As the day approached, I became calmer. Sunday scripture was about Jesus being the Word and the Light. I went to an Abendmusik music concert. The same scripture verse reminded me that Jesus was the source of light.  

The Christmas Eve service was touching and meaningful. My parents came over for dinner and we had a very enjoyable evening. I attended the candlelight service at 11:00 and found more peace.

The person who often arrives after we have eaten was the first to arrive on Christmas Day so I was able to extend a proper greeting. When we ate the kids sat at the table for the first time and were well behaved. I had to thank God for letting this day be better than past experiences. I was not expecting to be thanked but several family members texted me or called me to express appreciation. It was then, I realized that Jesus had shone his light through me. I felt like Christmas this year was all about Jesus blessing me and using me to bless my family.

Light of the World, Though light is so important in these darkest months of the year, it is truly important every day of our lives. Jesus, we are so grateful you came to be the light and bring light into the world. Let us look to you as our source of light as we make our way through life. Amen