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This year's topic is the "The Gift of Encouragement". We will dive deep into the stories of Barnabas from the book of Acts, whose ministry was as simple (and as hard) as standing with other disciples. No work of the Spirit seems more needed...than the gift of encouragement.
Our facilitator is Rev. Caroline East. Elizabeth Bridges will return to lead the music.
To register, submit form and payment to Betty Chambers or the office, or register online now!
at William Black Lodge, Montreat, NC
Women's Retreat Service Project
Hello lovely ladies of Avondale,

I am so looking forward to this year’s Women’s Retreat and our focus on encouragement! I am especially excited about our service project this year designed to bring some encouragement to children in our community that need it the most. Foster Village is a local organization that assists with the needs of children as they enter into foster care. I love their heart for foster children and for the families that are caring for them. Making a connection with their new foster family is so important but can be challenging.
We are partnering with Foster Village to create Connection Packs for fostering families - boxes of activities/gift cards meant to create space and opportunities for connection at a time when these children are really vulnerable. See the flyer detailing items for teen, child and toddler Connection Packs. We will be collecting these items and assembling the Connection Packs at the women’s retreat. All items must be new. 
Please consider donating one or as many items as you feel led from any of the lists. I will ensure any incomplete packs are completed and delivered to Foster Village. Also, feel free to partner with friends! THANK YOU in advance for your support of this years’ service project and the encouragement it will bring to a foster family in our community!

Rena Beall

P.S. This is open to Avondalers and the community.
Service Project: Even if you aren’t coming on the retreat, all are welcome to contribute to our service project!
Registration continues through the end of February.
We have a new, super easy way to register online! See PURPLE BOX.
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