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W omen's 
S alon
F inding S trengths in Y our
T ransgenerational T rauma H istory

C harlottesville, VA
June 24-26 , 2016
     Often people who have not suffered specific neglect, abuse or trauma in their childhood still find themselves with what seem like mysterious traumatic patterns that they repeat in their adult lives in work, marriage, family, and parenting.  What research shows is that dysfunctions can even skip a generation and then show up in the next one because it was unknown or ignored.  This often happens in families with a history of alcoholism as well as in families who hold cultural trauma from several generations past.
     Our Women's Salon in May is dedicated to helping participants not only identify the past trauma they may be unconsciously passing on in their families, but also to find the strengths that come from surviving such traumas.  
     Come join us to celebrate the good that past generations have passed down and to create a new generational legacy of healing for yourself and your family.
  • Time: Friday & Saturday, 10 am - 6 pm; Sunday, 9 am - 3 pm.
  • Fee: $600.  Housing can be obtained through solo or shared motel rooms or Air BnB.
  • Venue: Kate's home.  (And she'll cook lunch for Sunday!)
  • Registration: Please apply to Kate Hudgins so she can put together the best group for the Salon.  Participants report that they get 6 months of therapy and change from these small Salons, so register soon -- only 2 spaces left.


* Please note new dates: June 24-26, 2016